Favorite Fotos Finally

The Pier

The Pier

LONG BEACH, MS—I finally got around to posting my favorite photos from 2010 to the present. You can find them on the menu at the top labeled, of all things, “Favorite Photos.”

The new galleys use a different plug-in (program) than the older 2008-2009 galleys, so they will work slightly different—and I didn’t start titling the photos, nor including the larger versions until 2013… so there’s that.

Feel free to use any image you like for your own use, but, as per the Creative Commons License (see the bottom of any web page), please don’t sell them or use them for commercial purposes without coming to some agreement with me first.

Enjoy (and no, they’re not for sale yet).

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Fotos Finally

  1. I finally know the word that describes the quality I so love in your photos. It’s the same word that describes my favorite quality in a perfect bite of food…..

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