Feeling Distant

A Coven of Bare Trees

CABALLO LAKE SP, NM—From my journal:

Date: February 20, 2013 2:36 PM 

Feeling Distant

I’ve been busy lately. It’s so hard to feel Her presence when the mind is pre-occupied. I feel sorry for those who haven’t learned this yet.

Work has been taking up my mornings, and the building of a cabinet to fill the space next to my easy chair (which replaced my sofa) has taken up my afternoons.

Feeling distant from Her—feeling disconnected—I went for a walk. I came to a locked gate and hopped the fence and strolled across a barren field where chile flourished just a few months ago. Now nothing grew at all. A field of turned, brown and dusty soil.

Across a dry ditch, decaying in the desert brush, stood an old deserted house.

Two empty rooms. The raised wood floor rotting. The walls covered with spray-painted pornography. The artist, quite talented. His style reminiscent of Picasso.

On the roof, a piece of sheet metal banged in cadence with the wind.

Searching around the crumbling walls, the only footprints found in the dirt were my own.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Distant

  1. Wow Wayne that sounds like my back yard.I like that you write in poetry. Its very soothing.
    Thank you for sharing you beautiful gift.

  2. And whoda thunk an artist such as you would find his way to the far outpost gallery of another talented artist…incredible magnet…ain’t it?.. the pull of one creator to another.

  3. Your writings appear quite different from other enlightened persons I have read. These other folks were supposedly always feeling connected to the universe and viewed day-to-day life as a kind of dream.

    You write – “It’s so hard to feel Her presence when the mind is pre-occupied.” and “Feeling distant from Her—feeling disconnected—I went for a walk.”

    I would guess that these other folks occasionally felt the same way, but I don’t recall ever reading about it much, and I have read the accounts of quite a few. It seems you have more of an “everyman” approach to your accounts of life.

    Your writings seem to take a little bit of the “polish” off of the enlightenment bubble for me. It seems a bit more anti-climactic when I read your stuff. Perhaps this more realistic approach is more like what enlightenment feels like when you get the guru mentality out of the way?

    I mean absolutely no disrespect with my above statements, just my observations. Any thoughts or comments?

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