Flying and Perspectives


Date: January 25, 2013 4:28 PM 

Flying and Perspectives

Jeff (my brother) ended up buying the airplane and landed it here in Deming yesterday afternoon. This morning we went for a brief flight before he headed back to the skies and down to FL.

We flew over the park and around the mountains that surround my camp and I was struck by how different everything looks from up here.

Driving back to my rig, I was once again struck by how different this “car view” was from the aerial view, and, on my hike, how different the “walking view” is from the other two.

All three views of the same place. All with their own unique beauty.

This reminded me of the unique beauty of each of the four levels:

  • Emptiness with its vastness and unity
  • Radiance with its flowing love and light
  • Soul with its appreciation of the fleeting temporary
  • Mortal with its many desires

All seeing the same world, yet all seeing it so vastly different.

Each view with their own different perspectives of Beauty.

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4 thoughts on “Flying and Perspectives

  1. I relate to your four levels e.g. “Soul with its appreciation of the fleeting temporary” — One evening when I was driving with my ex-wife back in Indiana, out of the blue, I was struck with an overpowering (“soul-full”) emotion that I will never be here again. It was like no emotion I had ever felt before, it rocked my existential rock and left me tearful for days.

  2. Very well put Wayne. I have read a LOT and never seen it put so concisely. Reminds me at the same time of Wilber’s ‘integral’ perspective: each level transcends and integrates its predecessors. There’s a metaphor there perhaps too.

    Relate also to Mark’s experience. Used to have this feeling a lot with my family: the heartbreaking poignancy of the moment which I knew would never come again.

  3. @Mark & Andy: Yes, the Soul perspective is a wonderful one. It IS the Present. You can slip into it anytime by simply remembering exactly what both of you have stated: That you will never see this moment again. Bittersweet and beautiful.

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