Free Book: A Simple Explanation For Everything

A Simple Explanation For Everything

OUTSIDE MAGDALENA, NM—Next up in my “Free Books for Reviews” program is A Simple Explanation For Everything—a book which ties together (in one simple explanation) the world’s great mysteries: From quantum entanglement to reincarnation, from the origin of the Universe to the human soul.

What isn’t in the book, what wasn’t generally known, is that the reason I wrote it was because I fully expected to kill myself a few months later (when I ran out of money), and I was in a hurry to get these ideas (which were spontaneously filling my mind) out to the public before I offed myself.

But what is really interesting is that my awakening began only a couple of weeks after I finished this work. At the end of the book it says:

Wayne Wirs
July 30, 2009
Camped outside the Olympic National Forest. Washington state, USA.

My awakening started August 12, 2009. Less than two weeks later.

Anyway, as with Seeing Clearly, I’m looking for reviews on Amazon, and I’d be extremely grateful for even a simple one-liner.

Free Kindle version.

Free PDF version.

(Sorry, this offer has expired.)

Thanks and enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “Free Book: A Simple Explanation For Everything

  1. it was interesting to see your video on three enlightenments. I will read your book a simple explanation for everyting.

  2. Thanks for the book Wayne. I don’t know if I agree with all of your conclusions, but it was a good exercise in mental stimulation.

    I had always thought that when enlightenment occurs, most of this stuff would be revealed to you. Apparently, this is not the case at all if these things are still theory to you. My ideas of what enlightenment entails are at least being corrected by your blog.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Good job Wayne!

    I just left you a 5 star review on Amazon as a “thank you” for sharing your work. I enjoyed the book.

    Here’s a portion of the review that mentions a few other books in case anyone is interested:

    I’ve read several other more detailed books on similar themes, including the Holographic Universe, Tom Campbell’s My Big Toe (Theory of Everything), as well as Butterflies are Free to Fly. Although these other books are much more detailed, I found some points in them that I disagree with. That wasn’t the case with Wayne’s book – I don’t disagree with any of the main points.


  4. Overall a solid read. There are more avenues to your theory than you touched on though. Some of those avenues have been around for a century or more. I’m not going to fill up this post with references, but you should have my email address, should you want to discuss it further.

    Keep up the great work.

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