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Nature Unknown

WICKHAM CP, FLGrease, released in the movie theaters 35 years ago.

I bought the DVD a couple of days ago and watched it tonight.

Summer Nights,” the definitive song on the difference between men and women and awakening relationships. Watch it. See it. Feel it.

Now rewind and play “Summer Nights” at half speed. No sound. Just movement.

The men start out moving like roosters. Strutting and prancing.

The women break into two groups: One who adore Sandy’s pure love of Danny, and the others who think she’s a naive fool.

The song progresses.

The men still strut like roosters.

But now the women are moving toward Sandy, who finds love to be the core of the Summer romance, with only three women (Rizzo of course included) sliding in front of the scene in cynical disagreement.

And still the men strut.

Finally, it is only Rizzo, the lone cynic, who denies True Love while the entire cast of women support Sandy’s Summer romance—all joyfully—gleefully—grateful that Sandy has found true love.

Half speed you play the scene—no sound—as you see Sandy (the beautiful Olivia Newton-John) step away from the group of women—and John Travolta (as Danny) step away from the group of men, both as they express (not from the mind, not from his (Travolta’s) persona) the True Love of the heart as they sing, and remember “those Summer Nights.”

But note this (as you watch at half speed): Sandy/Olivia is right there, no distance at all separating her from Love—while Danny/Travolta is separated with a view across the entire school (separated by his “cool” persona).

Think about that: How much does your persona separate you from Love/Reality? How much does your persona separate you from Her/God/Your Beloved?

On the DVD, in the extras, you’ll find an interview with both Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta 25 years after the movie was released. In the interview, if you play it at half speed, you’ll see both of these actors touch their heart when they contemplate why this film has embedded itself in American culture—why this film has had such an affect on our lives.

They touch their heart unconsciously—not their heads, not their thoughts, not their theories.

They touch their hearts.

Do you want to live true? Do you want to live in harmony with Life itself?

Stop taking your mind so seriously.

Touch your heart. Trust your heart.

Christ said, “The kingdom of heaven is within.”

He wasn’t taking about within your mind or your persona.

He was talking about your heart.


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  1. This was a movie that I did not relate to then or now and yet as I read your article, I found myself touching my heart.

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