How Do I Know If I’m Enlightened?

The Wall and the Water

The Wall and the Water

WICKHAM CP, FL—This is my response to an email query. When I get questions that I think can help a wider audience, I tend to publish them.

My response with minor edits:

I am taking your word that you have been living as a Soul and are stable there. I don’t have a “Soul Evaluation Questionnaire” yet so we’ll go with what you say. Only you can know for sure and you’d be cheating yourself (dramatically stunting your growth) if you aren’t stable there yet.

Your question is, “How do you know if you’ve dropped the personal self?” I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but if you have to ask the question, then you haven’t. It has a very distinct quality. Don’t feel bad, in my seeking years, I often asked the same question. Was I there? Is this Enlightenment? There is simply no analyzing or questioning needed. The term realization is very appropriate.

It is like leaving a dark, crowded, noisy room and stepping out onto a vast and open plain. You turn around and look for the doorway you just stepped through and there is nothing but a vast open plain. The phrase gateless gate is very accurate and that was the first thing I thought of when I initially stepped through it. I’m certain this is why a goofy, involuntary smile forms on everyone’s face upon the moment of illumination.

Don’t hold onto the term enlightenment. That’s just the ego that wants it. Practice, practice, practice.

I am just starting to blog about Radiance and will do more over the next few posts, so watch for them. Open. Surrender. Let go. Feel the love flow through you and if you don’t feel it (be very very very honest with yourself) then look to see what is blocking it. Your ego (along with every other spiritual seeker’s ego) wants enlightenment, but it hates surrender. It fears its own denial and will do everything in the book to fool you. That’s why I am so adamant about living it and not just contemplating or analyzing the theory.  Live the practice, live the theory, live your beliefs. Living it is the fastest way of finding the knots that are holding you back.

Practice flowing with Life. Feel your sense of control as a “contraction” out of Her/God/Life and release it. The desires to control are the desires of the ego. Practice, practice, practice.

If you found these words of use, please follow tradition with a gift of alms (donation). If you found nothing of use, simply ignore this email and be at peace. (This text is placed at the end of all Wisdom for Alms emails)

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