How The Guru Knows What To Say

Dying To Be Reborn

Dying To Be Reborn

APALACHICOLA NATIONAL FOREST, FL—It’s a common spiritual belief that authentic gurus are able to say exactly what you need to hear without your asking—as if they can somehow read your mind.

Though I’m not a guru, I am all about transparency so let me relate exactly how it works from my perspective.

Yesterday, Michelle had posted a kind of vague, general happenings post to me (this is how we interact—she journals, and I comment if I’ve got any guidance). To her post, I couldn’t think of anything to say so I wasn’t going to reply, but She (capital “S”) did have something, so I simply typed what She told me to:

You’re at that stage that the more you resist Her, the more you’ll suffer. Conversely, the less there is of you, the more easily you’ll hear Her whispers and (if you follow them) life will flow more smoothly (the lesson of the Pelican).

Even if Her whispers point you in a direction opposite of what your mind shouts, follow Her whispers. What goes on in your head is not important.

Practice this for awhile—don’t make it a rule set in stone, but just experiment with it, play with it—and see if it doesn’t help with smoothing out Life’s troubles.

To which Michelle replied how this was not only useful but had been actually happening with a whole lot of things going on in her life, none of which I was aware of (remember, I wasn’t going to reply originally since I had nothing). Her last sentence to me was this:

Also, it’s funny how your advice matches up to where I am and where I need to be going so often.

That’s the insider’s view. That’s how it works with me (and I suspect it’s similar with most authentic spiritual leaders/teachers/gurus/guides): An Intelligence far greater than my mind has access to whispers (not an intuition or vision, but more like a sudden flash of knowledge or wisdom—a certainty—that just appears out of nowhere) and I simply pass it on.

Anyone can have this kind of access to the Divine—it’s really not complex at all. You simply have to stop taking what goes on in your mind so seriously (since most of what goes on in your head is about you).

And the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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8 thoughts on “How The Guru Knows What To Say

  1. I like how you’ve said “the less there is of you, the more there is of Her” seems very legit from what I’ve experienced. That said this last post of yours added a slight tweak to the way it needs viewing(by myself), I’ve been applying it externally where the less I let myself act outside the more her actions will happen.

    In your post you say at the end:

    “You simply have to stop taking what goes on in your mind so seriously (since most of what goes on in your head is about you).

    And the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.”

    The first part of what is quoted is something I’ve been practising in my head for a while, the section within the “()” ties the two lines together. The connection made me realize what you’ve said “the less there is of you, the more there is of Her” needs applying on the inside as well as the out side. A bottle neck of power in a computer(no matter where it is) decreases the efficiency of the machine, for the energy to flow effortlessly the bottle neck needs relaxing to open it up.


  2. I have had three teachers/ Gurus.

    There came a time when there was no longer accessibity to each one.

    Either that one let go of me or I let go.

    Their words and actions guide me still from a voice inside.

    Is that the goal of the guru? Gee You Are You. G..U. R. U. ?

  3. Thanks for sharing your insight Wayne. Carol, I love your definition of a Guru, so apropos. A Guru reflects, cutting our illusions and revealing who we really are. Like Indra’s net, we are all interconnected, beautifully reflecting each other as universal consciousness. Blessings. ☼

    • Thanks Maddy. With you, I imagine each knot in Indiras net holding hands with every other knot…. A giant unified field prayer circle group sustaining itself with coordinated function. And so I hold hands with you now… And with Wayne and his words and images.

    • One of the key features of Indra’s Net (for those readers who may not know) is that at each “knot” there is a bright and clear jewel, and each jewel reflects the entire image of the Universe—each part contains the Whole.

      Welcome to the blog Maddy.

      • I didn’t know about the reflecting jewel at each knot Wayne. All of a sudden the magnificence of the interconnectedness Maddy talked about just exploded in my brain. Now I am seeing stars too.

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