How To Live Authentically

Dew on Canvas

Dew on Canvas

WICKHAM CP, FL—A post to Michelle on the tenacity of the Mortal influence and how to help weaken it (minor edits):

Continue to notice the difference in how it feels when caught up in the Mortal level vs Radiance. Just the simple act of recognizing how much better it feels can go a long way in “unglueing” the Mortal self.

I’ve only eaten meat twice since your “you eat meat?!” comment and to use it as an analogy, the difference in how I feel psychologically is quite profound. When I sit down to a meal, not eating meat feels authentic and light whereas eating it feels self-centered and dark.

So focus on how authentic your actions feel and this will help weaken the grip of the ego. Use your in-authentic actions as tools though—not something to beat yourself up with.

After I posted the above, I realized that even if you’re not a spiritual seeker, this “dark-vs-light-self-monitoring-technique” can go a long way in living authentically.

Every person on the planet has a unique set of values (what is important to them)—values that are different from everyone else’s. The above technique can help reveal “dark habits” and re-condition them to help you live in harmony with your true nature.

Feeling your way—learning to listen to (and follow) Her whispers—is the key to living authentically.

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