How To Live In Harmony With Life

Sailboat on the River

Sailboat on the River

WICKHAM CP, FL—Since childhood we’ve been trained to succeed. Trained to jump higher, run faster, and excel at everything we attempt.

We’ve been taught to win without ever really questioning why.

We have been conditioned to fight Life itself.

Maybe the most obvious way to achieve harmony with Life is to quit trying so hard. To learn to hear Life’s whispers and surrender to them.

According to this article, populations who live the longest have a set of common traits. Based on these traits, the article recommends the following:

  1. Move naturally. Don’t do marathons or pump iron. (Do) work around the house, garden, walk, cycle.
  2. Know your purpose. Have a reason for waking up in the morning.
  3. Kick back. Find ways to shed stress, whether it’s praying, napping or going to happy hour.
  4. Eat less. Stop eating when you are 80% full.
  5. Eat less meat. Beans are a cornerstone of most centenarians’ diets.
  6. Drink in moderation. Only the Seventh-day Adventists in California didn’t have one to two glasses a day.
  7. Have faith. Denomination doesn’t seem to matter, but attending faith-based services (4 times a month) does.
  8. Power of love. Put families first, including committing to a partner and keeping aging parents and grandparents nearby.
  9. Stay social. Build a social network that supports healthy behaviors.

Why do I imply the above traits are the whispers of Life?

Because these traits flow.

Don’t they? Don’t they just feel right? Don’t they just feel natural?

Want to live in harmony with Life? Want to flow more? Want to be happier and live longer? Then stop trying so hard. Stop trying to win, stop trying to bend Life to your will. Learn to get in touch with what feels natural and right.

Just keep the following in mind: When She whispers, She whispers through your heart, not your mind.

Recognize the truth to that statement: That She speaks to/through your heart.

The evidence? It should be clear from the list above. What your heart wants is what the list is all about.

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5 thoughts on “How To Live In Harmony With Life

  1. I agree with this from the deapest part of my heart.

    many will take up this way of life in an effort to be better and do better, as a way to help them win!

    a small quote from yeshua “those who are first will be last, and those that are last will be first”

    this way of living will come naturally to those who live naturally, effortlessly it will flow as life itself has time flow over it.


  2. nice post, wayne. time and again you are on the money. i get as close as i can to all those suggestions and am happy when i get it right and usually happy when i don’t. funny though, couldn’t help thinking, “i want that yacht and i want to be in that place. what can i do to get them?” only for a moment, though 😉

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