I Don’t Know Why

PANCHO VILLA SP, NM—When my propane ran out after only five days, I knew it was time to move camp and find an electric site so that I could use my electric heater. They said on the news that it was colder here today than it was in Anchorage, Alaska.

As I left the park, I said a goodbye to Roger, a fellow nomad and photographer who I happened across yesterday. He said he knew me and follows my blog. He said he also knew Glenn and was wearing a hat that said, “Live Simply” and I thought Glenn should have some hats made up that said, “To Simplify”.

After washing a load of laundry and buying some supplies in Deming, I drove south to Columbus and set up camp at Pancho Villa State Park. I don’t know why, since there is nothing around here but the tiny border town of Columbus.

But She told me to come here and I listened.

After setting up camp, I drove the three miles to the border and walked across for some dinner and margaritas.

While eating, a Mexican family came into the largely empty restaurant and a young woman with the party occasionally made eye contact. She reminded me of Zoriaya, a Colombian woman I dated for a few years.

As I went up to pay the bill, she walked up to the exit and examined the guest register there. I knew she wanted me to talk to her… but I didn’t. I don’t know why.

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7 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why

  1. Making a conscious, mind-based choice means that we think we know why one thing is better than something else.
    And when we don’t know why, we haven’t made a conscious choice, but She has made it.
    That seems to be what you are saying Wayne. Is that right?

  2. Thanks Wayne, great photograph. Lived in NM for years. It can be blessed cold at night, but even in the dead of winter, when morning comes, the sun is out and the days are quite tolerable.

  3. Hi Wayne
    Just found your site and am enjoying it , I’m a 56 year old male going through the dark night so I feel a kinship with your process. After so many years as a seeker ,I’m frustrated and saddened by my apparent lack of ” results” ,so I’m sensitive to anyone saying they have gained some insights.

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