I Want. I Want. I Want.

Pool Umbrella

Pool Umbrella

SANDIA CASINO, ALBUQUERQUE, NM—One of the things I love about the nomad life is the freedom—the ability, when you grow tired or bored with where you’re at, to just pull up stakes and move on.

I’ve spent the last six weeks in solitude. Now I’m right smack in the middle of civilization.

Such a different and desperate attitude most people in cities have (I want. I want. I want.) In The Carefree Diet (got two great reviews—still looking for more), I talk about how simply seeing an image of a slice of chocolate cake leads to cravings—leads to desire (I want. I want. I want.). Cities are filled with advertisements, not just for food, but for baubles and riches and luxury and comfort… all of which has the same effect on us (I want. I want. I want.).

I’m not trying to be critical. It’s something that just struck me as I drove into the city. It’s perfectly natural to pursue pleasure, to want the desirable, to yearn for the unattainable. It’s just silly to do it blindly, to unconsciously assume the bauble will bring lasting pleasure.

As She/We/I said awhile ago, “There is only one thing in this entire Universe which is permanent, and whatever it is you are clinging to, that ain’t it.”

Oddly enough, recognizing that the object of your desire isn’t going to be around for very long… well that just makes your time with it so much sweeter.

Anyway, I figure I’ll spend a week here and catch up on some movies, eat something other than tamales, write some code in the many coffee shops, and maybe go for a swim or two or three in the casino’s pool. From there, who knows?

I know… it’s a rough life.


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One thought on “I Want. I Want. I Want.

  1. Wayne, interesting to read your thoughts as always. I’ve also noticed this madness lately. I spent 3 weeks on retreat in the forest of Burma in March, and have since been to a number of places including Bangkok and Hong Kong. I’ve been intrigued by what seems like everyone rushing everywhere and also playing with mobile phones when they have even just a few seconds to spare. They do seem desperate, desperate to get something or maybe avoid something. They also seem lost – perhaps in the continual grasping of the mind. I understand the Buddha would call this suffering.

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