I Will Soon Be Dead

The Fallen

The Fallen

WICKHAM CP, FL—I bought Season 3 of The Walking Dead series on DVD (haven’t watched it yet) and was surprised to find an included bonus CD with some great music written specifically for the series.

One song, Damien Jurado’s I Will Still Be Dead, gets stuck in my head every time I listen to the CD, but the great part is that when I wake up in the morning, the lyrics (in my head) have changed to:

I will SOON be dead.

There’s a reason the Buddhists are big on contemplating their own death.

Concerned your new refrigerator may not work the way you expected it? Since I will soon be dead, is it really that important?

Not crazy about the noisy neighbors jammed right next to your rig because of a weekend concert in the park? Hey, I will soon be dead, so who cares.

Is my rig laid out and functioning exactly the way I want? Hell, I will soon be dead, so is it the rig or the journey that is important?

Not sure if you are living true (or authentically or your life’s direction)? Tell yourself, I will soon be dead and see if that doesn’t help clarify things.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in Heaven/Hell, Reincarnation, or the Great Blinking Out, I will soon be dead is a great thought experiment and a powerful mantra.

When the going gets tough, when your mind shouts and your worries arise, take a step back and remind yourself

I will soon be dead

and see if that doesn’t put matters into perspective.

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  1. Synchronistically, I’m currently reading an interesting book on this topic: “A year to live” by Stephen Levine. Carlos Castaneda also had interesting things to say about this concept in his books about the teachings of Don Juan.

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