I Wish…

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SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE SOCORRO, NM—What we know so far about the person or people who built the bombs that exploded at the Boston Marathon:

  • They believed that their thoughts were more important than other people’s lives.

People take their thoughts too seriously. They confuse their thoughts with Reality. They are willing to kill because of their thoughts.

I wish they could see how foolish it is to believe everything that their mind puts out.

I wish they’d learn to question the false assumption that their thoughts accurately describe Reality.

I wish they could see the difference between concepts and Truth.

I wish they’d learn to see clearly.

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7 thoughts on “I Wish…

  1. That is oh so true.. i wish people would stop living from their ego minds then the worlds of all beings would be a beautiful place and violence just a cruel memory.

  2. Dear Wayne, I “wish” this also. I’m reminded of the aphorism , “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Also, because in these times we need to occasionally tap into a sense of humor, even if it seems inappropriate…”if wishes were horses, beggars would ride! I’m an Elder, and I expect conditions will seem like the worst of times as our planet and the human’s that populate it go through a much need “spin cycle”! The trick is to
    hold the higher ground and not be tricked into depression or a sense of “what’s the point”. I believe hundreds of thousands of humans are waking up every day to honoring themselves and others in their sacredness. Miraculous things are happening every day and we need to stay focused on that energy (: My wish for you, is that 18 years from now you will see a beautiful world filled with respect and harmony and great love, beyond all current expectations. (that’s my personal wish for myself too, and I am sticking to it !) Most respectively, Donna ( =

  3. At times chaos seems to rule supreme. Still, I’m going to hold onto the conviction that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. God I hope I’m right!

    (I can hear Wayne’s voice in the background telling me it’s a matter of perception — hoping that’s the voice of the real Wayne and not someone with a mask on.)

  4. Wayne, I wish for every single thing you wish for! And I know there are a lot more of us out here! Collectively a change has to come!!! Do you feel it? I do!!! 🙂 <3

  5. Powerful post, Wayne. Thank you – very much what I feel with every tragedy of late; in fact, with so many things of late. We are connected – if we could only allow ourselves to see that truth.

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