Ignorance and the Spiritual Adventurer

The Chair and the Picture Frame

The Chair and the Picture Frame


For it is the ignorance … that so often propels us into that vast realm of wonderful possibilities. – Glenn Morrissette

My buddy Glenn wrote a great post on the power of ignorance—in which he responded to the query that if he had to do it over again, would he take on his VW-to-Adventure-Vehicle conversion.

Ignorance—and embracing the fear that goes along with it—is one of the keys to explosive, breaking-out-of-the-box growth, whether it be on the path of the open road or the path of Mystical Oneness.

While research is useful, too much of it (often unconsciously and always rooted in the fear of failure) leads to stagnation and conformity.

By living as a Soul, you dramatically weaken fear. By living from Radiance (surrender) you stop trying to win all the time. These two traits make traveling in the Great Unknown so much simpler.

Moreover, it is only in the Great Unknown that serious spiritual growth (and serious adventure) can be found.

Giving up the life as you know it is scary—there is simply no way of knowing what will happen—but for the devote spiritual seeker, it is the only way.

To paraphrase Spiderman’s uncle: With great ignorance comes great adventure.

Go. Step into the Great Unknown. Learn firsthand the deepest truths of Life.


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