In Seclusion

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

SECLUSION, IN—As I head into seclusion, to open and to contemplate and to await answers to questions ill formed, I’d like to wish each of you a happy and peaceful and pleasant holiday and new year.

Winter is here, and for many, it is a season of stress: holidays and snows and winds and freezing temperatures and pressures from both family and peers.

I hope you find some time in this busy season for a little introspection. Some time to sit quietly and be still and to contemplate the things that are important in your life. I hope you find new ways to nurture that which is important and to resolve to stop pursuing that which is frivolous and futile.

And as you sit quietly, as you grow still in contemplation of these things, I hope you remember one thing most of all:

God moves through the heart and not through the head. Open your heart and be still and be patient and soon you’ll hear Her whispers.

I’ll be out of touch for anywhere from two weeks to two months. In that time—other than from family—I won’t be answering emails or comments to posts or much of anything (though I will read all of these).

If you want to be informed upon my return (and you aren’t already subscribed), simply follow this blog by email or RSS or copy into your News Reader, and when I upload new posts, you’ll be sure to see them.

Have a happy and peaceful and joyous holiday season.


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11 thoughts on “In Seclusion

  1. Wayne, the timing amd intemt of your message (to OPEN MY HEART) couldn’t have come at a better time. I just arrived in India for a 28-day Deepening process at the Oneness University. Another synchronicity.

  2. I’ll be looking forward to your return, and will miss the blog.
    God bless you my friend, and good luck. If luck has anything to
    do with it.

  3. There once was a young man named Wayne
    Who reflected on joy and on pain
    When Mike said,” Good Luck”
    Carol added,” with Pluck
    He’ll be back here Renewed once again “!

  4. Thank you for that great tip for the season and I wish you all the best this Holiday Season and in your quietness! I will miss your postings!! Love you and your daily emails!!! <3

  5. Hi Wayne,
    May the Silence show you the Way, but Ultimately who cares of levels or stages or Everything?!
    Why further Search?
    This Search may take 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years or 20 years…..
    Just do your stuff which you love and I am sure that Is the right way for you-You, because All is One, Remember?
    Blessings and Love!

    • In all respect, Din…..
      It’s possible that, for Wayne, ” doing what he loves to do ” includes being in seclusion right now.

  6. hi…. just did find your webside today, via youtube. some good videos. aspecially your she-stuff & about the mystical side of the coin. you’re sympathic. honest sharings.

    have a nice seclusion. it goes on and on and on. nothing remains. and “she”.

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