Integrating Emptiness

Veins of Color

Veins of Color

ANDERSON, SC—I just posted this to Michelle who’s working on the Emptiness Level. Thought you guys could use a little break from the van. Some minor edits…

A couple things to keep in mind:

Emptiness, from my experience, is something you slide in and out of—it is the realization of the no-borders state, but we can’t FUNCTION in that state. So don’t let fear hold you back as Oneness (not Emptiness) is the INTEGRATION of all the levels—NONE are permanent (Oneness is permanent, but it isn’t really a level or state).

I tend to operate from Radiance, and I use Emptiness as a sort of grounding when I get too caught up in mental noise.

Another thing to keep in mind, you will do so much more good when you operate from Radiance and use Emptiness (as I do) to keep your ego and fears in check—far more good than when you operate from the lower levels alone.

So don’t let Emptiness (what is left when you pull and drop the self away) frighten or discourage you. It is your Foundation, your Source, but not the Great End-All. 🙂

Note to Readers:

The reason you can’t function from the Emptiness level is because everything feels the same. You are nothing and at the same time, everything. The body you find yourself looking out of is exactly as meaningful to you as the chair you are sitting on. Nothing is important. Nothing needs fixing or doing or participating in (because all borders/boundaries are realized as only mind fluff).

At the Emptiness level, there is simply no self-interest so there is no need for action of any sort.

I differ from most nonduality teachers in that I consider Emptiness a level or state and that it must be integrated with all the other levels (Radiance, Soul, Mortal) to realize the Great Paradox (Emptiness AND Fullness). This integration of the Source (Emptiness) and the Stuff (Fullness) is what I call Oneness.

Hat tip to Ken Wilber for his integration ideas (though I disagree with a lot of his methodology).

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2 thoughts on “Integrating Emptiness

  1. Interested in what you mean when you refer to Ken’s ‘methodology’. Sure he’s a mentalist, but that’s the way some of us approach it.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I love Wilber, was a huge reader of his for over a decade, it’s just that the II (Integral Institute), which was designed to balance the cerebral quality of Wilber’s theories, feels too organized, commercial, and…??? But that was years ago and maybe they’ve found their balance. I don’t know as I don’t follow them (II or Wilber) anymore.

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