SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE SOCORRO, NM—By a synchronistic coincidence, I received an email on the same day as the email from yesterday’s post. Synchronistic because while yesterday’s was about distancing yourself from, well, yourself, this one was about feeling too distant from others the deeper you go into your spiritual practice.

My Reply

Yes, I know exactly what you mean, that serious spiritual practice can lead you to feeling separated from others—as if you share nothing in common with them. This is largely due to the fact that your values (what you find important) have changed as a result of your practice… what is important to you, isn’t important to those you know (and vice versa).

While shared values are the fabric of relationships, friendships, cultures and societies, they are—from a mystic’s point of view—fleeting and temporary—they die with the individual.

But the mystic values something far deeper, something that is eternal: the Light. The Light is that which is seeing out your eyes right at this moment. It is the love of everything that you call “you.” It is that which does not die when the body dies. It is the essence of both “you” and “Her.” It is the Tao, the Godhead, the Source.

It is also intelligent.

As a mystic, what I have in common with others is only the Light—all else if fleeting. When I interact with someone, if the discussion isn’t too cerebral (those often distract me from the Light), I focus on the Light inside them.

And when I focus on the Light within them, it is as intimate as “holding” the robin I spoke of or petting the deer in the night. What can be more intimate that that?

So in interacting with others, focus on the Light. Focus on the Love that all aware beings have inside them (yes, even plants and animals love themselves). Focus on that which is eternal and you’ll find that your relationships with others are much deeper than you could ever have imagined.

If you found these words of use, please follow tradition with a gift of alms (donation). If you found nothing of use, simply ignore this email and be at peace. (This text is placed at the end of all Wisdom for Alms emails)

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