Into The Mist Gazing

The Trees Wait

The Trees Wait

MEIGS COUNTY PARK, TN—The last two nights have been cold with ice forming on the windshield come morning.

Before settling in last night, I bought a small heater which helped with the chill, but it runs on disposable canisters. I hope to make a stand for it somehow—to allow it to run off my main tank.

This morning, as I drove west, a fog enveloped the roadway, creating shadows and shapes in the mist, so I settled in along the Tennessee River to take some photographs and to write and to wait.

I await some answers to questions I don’t know. Something seems undone, but the something remains uncertain.

As I gaze out into the mist across the river, like the shadows in the fog, Her response is vague and mysterious—the details shrouded and unclear.

“There is time,” She whispers, “Not now, but soon.”

I am a man of faith, but I don’t know what She means.

So I’ll let go and I’ll surrender and I’ll watch and I’ll wait.

She’ll let me know when She’s ready—when the time is right.

I am a man of faith.

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4 thoughts on “Into The Mist Gazing

  1. I really really love how you begin with ” a small heater” and end with” a man of faith”.

    I settle into comfort everytime you tell us how you are solving little problems Wayne. It makes me quiet inside…..knowing a tiny corner of the world, yours, is finding practical solutions.

  2. Wayne, if you are heading back to Florida, stop by Columbia SC, there are a few of us that would like to meet you here. We are an ACIM group and I introduced you to a few members and they want to know more about you. I am ordering a few more copies of Fading to give out. My name is Keith and I have been reading your stuff for over a year. You and her have really meant a lot to me my friend.

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