It’s Not Enough To Just Live

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Date: January 27, 2013 7:45 AM 

It’s Not Enough To Just Live

With a large family trying to come to a consensus on their movie night in front of the local Redbox, I opted out of renting a video and headed back to camp, figuring She must have something else in mind for me tonight.

Later, having decided to start re-watching the entire Battlestar Galactica series (which I have on DVD), toward the end of the first disk, the Admiral was called out by the President on his lie to the sole survivors of the human race. He said he knew where the legendary Earth was and that he planned to take them there.

On his reasons for lying:

“It’s not enough to just live, you have to have something to live for.”
– Admiral Adama, Battlestar Galactica

That resonated with me. That struck me as Her intention—why She interfered—at the Redbox kiosk.

What is my reason to live?

Why was I transformed from a starkly rational man who spent most of his life seeking traditional enlightenment, to becoming a mystic whose life revolves around the Soul, the Love, the Light, the Union, and God Herself? Why did She so dramatically change the direction of this life?

What is the reason?

And is it even for me (my mind) to decide?

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7 thoughts on “It’s Not Enough To Just Live

  1. Sorry to say we need to clarify terms here (if we are to get somewhere or anywhere 😉 What do you mean by ‘just live’ ? Is it one thing to grub along living your life unconsciously and another to loaf around working on your awareness ? Or are they both the same in value or absolute terms ? Is the butterfly worth more than the caterpillar, or are they both just what they are ? The caterpillar is a consumer, but if it doesn’t die, and does the necessary work, it will someday be a butterfly (and have a different perspective :-). It is the thesis of Andrew Cohen inter alia, that life has a purpose and is going somewhere – as opposed to Swami Satchinanda who said “Life is a meaningless energy going nowhere for no reason”. I’m personally inclined to the view that it’s all leela – a game (of sorts, involving both pain and pleasure), but that’s maybe just where I’m at currently. Certainly when people talk about ‘changing the world’, I ask them how they think their plans are better than anyone else’s, or indeed God’s – if that’s the way they are thinking about it. I’m as interested as anybody in finding a satisfactory answer to this conundrum. At the same time, I get what you said about ‘getting out of my head’ – if someone asks me for water I will give it to them if I can. So maybe it’s the usual paradox: sometimes there’s a purpose (whatever) and sometimes it’s for the fun of it. Maybe life is more practice than theory…

  2. Increasingly, I get the awareness that it is all just one-big-thing, something like a giant bowl of uncongealed jello with nuts and fruit swirling around in it. I am a nut that can see and feel, I am the eyes and awareness of the universe. Isn’t that a form of purpose?

    In Jung’s “Answer to Job” he paints a picture of a terrible God, sometimes unaware of itself in all its power. At times, Job sees the situation that God is manifesting, while God seems in an unconscious state. Job is part of God’s manifestation, he is the eyes and awareness of the moment.

    In the Ramayana, when Indra approaches Brahama and asks why he bestowed the invincibility boon on the demon king Ravenna, whereupon Ravenna began to destroy the garden of India, Brahma gives a response which basically amounts to “Oops”. The point is, our consciousness is not separate and its purpose, like the purpose of the universe is a tautology.

    But do not think that the drop alone
    Becomes the ocean.
    The ocean too becomes the drop.

    – Rumi

  3. I’m guessing you already have an answer to your question and just are having a little fun stirring up the collective pot of your ‘crew’.

  4. Does She reveal those higher purposes She leads us into? Or does She lead or let us discover it in our own time…with her mystic ways and hints?

  5. methinks thou is refining the art of listening..
    which , if used by more of us, may dissolve the need for psychotropic drugs in children who act out in frustration that they cannot be heard.

  6. Wow. Great comments from all of you!

    This was just a copy/paste from that morning’s journal entry, so I hope that helps explain my lack of feedback on this post.

    In other words, I’m not trying to present a “truth” or even a well thought out idea, just relating day-to-day events and brain dumps in support of my argument that teachers/leaders/experts should be transparent about their lives.

    I do need to mark these entries that are “Journal Posts” more clearly in the future though. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  7. Wayne,

    I like 2 answers to the Universal question you asked:
    1. Chop water and carry wood (as you did before enlightenment)
    2. Help others to become awakened (ACIM),which is what you are doing.

    With appreciation,

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