I’ve Got Your Back

Storm over the Mountains over the Plain

SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE SOCORRO, NM—Many of you know that I freelance as a programmer. I write software for a single client, Jim, and that supports my life and work as a… “spiritual guide” for the readers of this blog.

Just recently, Jim has hired a couple of outside programmers to help build a mobile app and I’m having to write the interface between the app and our web server. In an email I wrote today, I had to describe in excruciating detail an API (application program interface) that I wrote that would allow the mobile app to work with our web-based system.

Jim was curious about some of the details in the email, to which I explained that I don’t usually go into this level of detail with him, but since I was working with another programmer, I had to get into the hard core nuts and bolts and that he shouldn’t worry about them because I had his back.

In other words, I know—from years and years of working with Jim—I know exactly what is important to him and I am looking out for his best interest.

I had his back.

What does this have to do with you, faithful reader and devote spiritual seeker?

I know what you are going through. For every comment on this blog, I get a dozen emails asking for help or clarification or guidance.

I’ve been there. I know what your are going through. I know how lost you feel, how different you feel, how you almost have it. How you can sense something mysterious just outside your grasp and if you could only….

I’m here for you. I know what you are going through. You don’t have to worry or doubt or feel different.

Jim knows this—and you should know this too: No matter how little the world may understand you… I do. I know what you’re going through.

I’ve got your back.

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9 thoughts on “I’ve Got Your Back

  1. Wayne;

    Just wanted to say – not to belittle anyone else in these matters – but you seem more authentic in regard to all this (spiritual) stuff than anyone I’ve ever encountered…I have no words to express the gratitude…so I’ll simply say THANK YOU!


  2. A couple of years ago I was in the dentist’s chair getting a chipped tooth veneered and I had the headphones on. I was listening to Simon and Garfunkel sing the Sparrow song:

    Who will love a little sparrow
    Who’s traveled far and cries for rest?
    “Not I,” said the Oak Tree
    “I won’t share my branches with no sparrow’s nest
    And my blanket of leaves won’t warm her cold breast”

    Who will love a little sparrow
    And who will speak a kindly word?
    “Not I,” said the Swan
    “The entire idea is utterly absurd
    I’d be laughed at and scorned if the other swans heard.”

    Who will take pity in his heart
    And who will feed a starving sparrow?
    “Not I,” said the Golden Wheat
    “I would if I could but I cannot I know
    I need all my grain to prosper and grow”

    Who will love a little sparrow?
    Will no one write her eulogy?
    “I will,” said the Earth
    “For all I’ve created returns unto me
    From dust were ye made and dust ye shall be”

    In that moment my heart opened and I understood my relationship to the mother. My dentist apologized for my tears. I assured him there was no pain.

  3. Thank. You Mark. I will search to find and listen to this beautiful truth in song you shared…. And how well matched to the rare gift of knowing someone kind and gutsy offers to ” have our back”. .

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