Journal: 1/1 – 1/2/13

CITY OF ROCKS SP, NM—Let me know if these get too boring.

Date: January 1, 2013 1:34 PM 

That’s not how I roll.

Picking up supplies at the local Walmart, I stopped in at the connected Subway. One of the girls behind the counter immediately said they only had flatbread. I said, “OK.”

Figuring this was going to be one of my free meals for the week, I asked (feeling a little guilty) if I could have pepperoni on my meatball sub. The girl hesitated a minute, as if unsure and said yes but it would be extra. I said, “OK.”

The other girl then said that it would be like ordering two subs, then the original girl said no, it was just like extra meat, then the other girl said I don’t think so and went over to the register to find out somehow.

At this point I said, “That’s OK, skip the pepperoni,” and one of the girls said we’ll figure it out and I said,

“That’s not how I roll, as soon as I meet resistance, I take that as a sign I’m not supposed to do that. Skip the pepperoni, I was feeling guilty about it anyway.”


Date: January 1, 2013 6:42 PM 

I’m already freezing and it’s not even 7:00pm.

I moved camp today to City of Rocks SP. I had intended to get an electric site but no joy. When I visited Joyce here a couple weeks ago, she had a spot in among the rocks with electric, but it turned out to be the only one, all the others were down in a parking lot type area (yuck).

I wanted to use my electric heater as I’ve been burning through a tank of propane a week trying to stay warm. Would work out to about the same cost, but I’d probably be a lot more comfortable (cause I’d run the electric heater all night).

No biggie. She works in mysterious ways.

This is a beautiful area with these huge rocks sticking up all over the place. As the sun was going down, with the light giving the rocks a bit of a glow, I wandered about them taking photos.

To get this one shot, the only shot I did this with, I got down on the ground to shoot upward at this cool formation. As I was down there, I smelled this terrible, but sadly familiar, smell and noticed that my left calf (fortunately I had long pants on) was lying in this huge pile of poop.

I hope it was a big dog or mule or something, but I’m still not sure. Why is human poo more gross than animal poop? One of the mysteries of the universe I guess.

Hope the shot was worth it (Edit: It wasn’t). The things I do for a good photo.

#Nomad #Photography

Date: January 1, 2013 6:54 PM 

She DOES work in mysterious ways.

As I just mentioned in the last post about not being able to get an electric site—because of that…

  • I picked a primitive site and
  • I pulled the rig in the opposite way that I normally would to get better sun on my solar panels (because the previous two days were overcast and my battery bank was down) and
  • As the sun set, an owl landed on a big rock and I managed to get a great photo of it.

If I’d gotten the electric site or if I’d parked the rig normally or I hadn’t been sitting at my desk just at the moment the owl landed on the rock outside my window… I’d never have seen him and never gotten the shot.

She works in mysterious ways.

#MiracleLog #Photography

Date: January 2, 2013 9:35 AM 

My morning walk.

This morning, after breakfast, I walked the circular road around the park. As usual, the sound of my footsteps acted as a mantra, bringing about the softening between the surroundings and my body. After a few steps, I’m able to release all separation and walk in Oneness.

I stopped to fill my water bottle at a faucet. As I walked away, I turned and looked back to see a small flock of birds drinking from the puddle left behind. I returned, and opened the faucet for a bit to make the puddle larger for them.

Later, approaching my rig a rabbit hopped out of the brush in front of me, sat and stared and then scampered across the road and through a little tunnel it used in the weeds.

Date: January 2, 2013 10:03 PM 

No owl.

I waited for the owl to show tonight, hoping maybe it was a creature of habit, but no. Clear, dark sky. Brilliant stars. Cold. They say it may snow tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Journal: 1/1 – 1/2/13

  1. I appreciate your journaling Wayne !!! It gives me more of an insight to the day-to-day life challenges and distractions that we face on our path to awakening and beyond. Thanks again for being such an authentic and transparent teacher!!!

  2. I also appreciate the journal. I just was wondering if you would think that it would be appropriate to add a little more about the feelings, (or lack of them), associated with these events.

  3. Dude, that owl lives in a nice bowl-shaped hole in the rocks, like a bowl on it’s edge that is. On the west side of the rocks, pretty high. There’s grass in the hole so you’ll know it when you see it. We enjoyed the owl, but didn’t get any good pictures of it. Maybe you will.

  4. Been pondering your “it’s not how I roll” comment. My program is the contrary: to overcome resistance, mine or anyone else’s. If I didn’t do this, I feel I would sink into a kind of observational laziness.

    Most times if you give up, you necessarily do not achieve the goal, but occasionally you it is given to you anyway, as it were ‘on a plate’. Reciprocally, it happens that, try as you might, you never get there. I suspect however, that Life being what it is – surprising – there is no hard and fast rule: today you can give way, tomorrow you can come out all guns blazing – sometimes you ‘win’ and sometimes you ‘lose’. Whichever, doesn’t matter.

  5. Don’t mean to laugh at your misfortune, but your mention of laying down in a pile of poop got a laugh-out-loud out of me. Thanks, I enjoyed it, or should I thank Her? 8^)

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