Journal 1/11/13: A Koan, a Quest, and a Question

CITY OF ROCKS SP, NM–A Koan, a Quest, and a Question…

Date: January 11, 2013 7:23 AM 


Lots of great ideas again last night. Pushed a lot of them away, but I did get caught up in a few (dammit). Didn’t write any of them down or record them on my voice recorder, so that’s a small victory.

Which brings me to a little koan that came to me last night (See? I just can’t get away from these damn things! I’m addicted I tell you. Addicted. 🙂 ).

The Koan:

Why is “Better” important to you personally?

(Synchronistically, when I woke up, I see Seth Godin’s morning post in my news reader: Four reasons your version of BETTER might not be enough).

Now forget the synchronicity. Think about this:

Why is “Better” important to you?


Date: January 11, 2013 3:58 PM 


Since I needed to go into town for propane and supplies, I decided to do a little exploring in the truck to see if I could find any good boondocking spots in the area. I found the one that Boonie and Randy had found before. A beautiful spot but what a nightmare to tow a trailer all the way up there (eight miles up a single lane mountain road).

Just another example where a stealth camper van would have been perfect: Since I was already there, I could have just parked and stayed a week or two.

Still, I have pretty much decided to keep the trailer even if I do get and outfit a van for camping. I figure the trailer will come in handy back in FL when I’m either down there visiting or on an extended stay helping out with the family. If I did get the van, then I’d probably just put the trailer in storage when not in use.

Date: January 11, 2013 4:48 PM 

A Good Question about “Beyond Emptiness”

Reader Jeff asked a good question today about confusing “beyond Emptiness” with not really being there. Again synchronistically, one of those pull-me-away-from-Her thoughts last night was about the “Hero’s Journey” of the spiritual quest: the Ascent to Enlightenment (Emptiness) and the Descent of bringing it back into the world (Integration). And even though I’ve been ranting recently about explaining my theories, I felt the synchronicity was Her way of telling me to just shut up and do it. My reply here.


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5 thoughts on “Journal 1/11/13: A Koan, a Quest, and a Question

  1. Not “better” so much as “progression” maybe? I feel compelled to make progress, to move forward. Although as I type this I can see that just being still for stretches of time is a necessary part of real progression. Or maybe I’m just kidding myself. I may be a progress addict.

  2. And now I wrote that which I wrote!
    ha ha ha
    There are no ends to my vanity.
    He he
    And now I am doing it again
    Ha ha ha
    Oh my god, this is funny
    Thank you Wayne!
    I give up.
    Oh no, now I am doing it again.
    I am full of flaws and I dont see it and I dont see that I dont see. Ok? No, its not ok… So, Lets just accept it, I am a jerk, more of a jerk then I know of, and I cant even see it…
    Ha ha ha
    I did it again. 😀
    Da capo al fine :/:

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