Journal 1/7/13

CITY OF ROCKS SP, NM—The Meditation, the Walk, and the Light

Date: January 7, 2013 7:54 AM 

Morning Meditations

I tend to go to bed fairly early. This results in waking up quite rested at around 5am. I don’t get out of bed though, and use the time either to allow creative thoughts to flow or to practice Oneness (my “meditation”).

To slip into Oneness is very easy for me during the day. There is simply so much to focus on outside my mind that I find it practically effortless to let go of my thoughts, but in the cold dark night, the mind is very loud and there is almost nothing to focus on to “pull” me out of its grasp. Isn’t it odd that so many meditation teachers advocate closing your eyes and focusing on your breath or a mantra? No wonder so few people wake up this way since it is so difficult. (Outside in daylight, if my thoughts are particularly tenacious, I use a simplified version of my original Light Meditation.)

Anyway, what I first do during the dark nights, when my thoughts are loud, is shift my identity into me-as-the-Soul. A simple shift, as I think most people feel they are an “inner being” stuck inside their body (to paraphrase my buddy Lynn).

As the Soul, I recognize that all these thoughts are inconsequential, that most will be immediately forgotten, and the few that I remember will die when this body dies. I recognize this mind and body are fleeting, that soon I’ll take on another body, and another, and another, and none of them are important. With this shift from mental-based (Mortal) to eternal perspective (Soul), there is a dramatic “softening” to my being.

Unlike during the day, if I try to skip the Soul step, my thoughts are too strong (due to the lack of something else to focus on) and I get pulled back into them. So don’t skip this step!

I then focus on the Life Force, the essence of me-as-a-Soul, and release the Soul for the Love/Light I feel flowing (Radiance). I allow it to shine outward and I feel for any resistance, any “hardness” of my being. This “hardness” is the last of the separation between me and Her and recognizing that, I visualize grasping the hardness/contraction and dropping it away, off to my side. The “me boundaries” vanish, a shift occurs, and the endlessness of “me” is felt/recognized (Emptiness).

Every sensation I feel at this point, every perception, feels as if it is inside of me (since I have no boundaries). This “everything inside of me” is not something to be practiced or attained, but is the direct result of the Emptiness state.

I then shift attention back to the Love/Light shining outward from the center of this body. No boundaries remain, but the flow of Love/Light outward into itself continues. Thoughts (Mortal Level) appear but are not clung to (Soul Level), and the Light/Love/Life Force (Radiance) shines out into the boundary-less vastness (Emptiness) and everything is Me/We/Her all at once (Mystical Oneness).


Date: January 7, 2013 10:25 AM 

An unexpected walk

After breakfast, my mind said, “Get to work” but She said, “Put your shoes on and go for a walk” and I put my shoes on and went for a walk and found myself on a path much longer than I expected.

Two miles in, lost in Oneness, I thought to turn back, but I said, “It’s not my life, it’s Hers” and I/We/She continued on.

Just then I heard a grunt and a snort and a thump and adrenaline flooded my body and my shoulders hunched and my hands opened to grasp and a boar shot out of the weeds and ran and ran and ran across the open plain and I found myself smiling a huge grin and I was so happy and so overwhelmed with joy and so grateful to Her for showing me such a rare and beautiful sight that tears formed in my eyes.

And as I write this now they’ve formed once again and I realize that I am so in love with Her that it almost hurts my heart.

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Date: January 7, 2013 4:40 PM 

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3 thoughts on “Journal 1/7/13

  1. Thanks Wayne. I wonder if you noticed a shift in the tense(?) you used from the first post here to the next one. I was about to ask you about doing this, but after reading the second one I see that I no longer have to. Within this second one you also spoke of what I meant when I asked about ‘how you feel’.

    • Yeah, the first is kind of explanatory and the second is more narrative.

      At first I thought the explanatory entries were mostly for the reader and then I realized they will be quite useful for future-Wayne (Oh yeah, I used to meditate that way).

      • Either way they can be helpful both to you and your readers, with the later just being more journal-like I think.

        I have also noticed a difference between waking up when it is still dark and getting up later in the day. Sometimes I feel anxious without even being able to come up with an explanation for it, because it often seems to happen even before I start to think. What I have done to deal with uneasiness at these times, and other times as well, is much the same. I see it as just a passing event/feeling/thought that will soon be forgotten because it is, as you say, inconsequential, no matter how intense or serious it may seem. It works.

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