Journal 1/8/13: Thoughts and Habits

CITY OF ROCKS SP, NM—Thoughts and Habits

Date: January 8, 2013 8:40 AM 

Some 5am Musings

Some thoughts/questions that ran through my brain during my 5am waking period:

  • Why don’t today’s nondual teachers talk about their duplex personality?
    • Don’t they experience Her?
    • Or are they simply stuck in Emptiness?
    • Or does She pick and choose who She reveals Herself to?
  • Why doesn’t anyone who follows the Abraham-Hicks belief system  end the war, rapes, and starvation in Syria?
    • Is everyone in their group selfishly wishing only for stuff for themselves?
    • Or doesn’t it work on big stuff?
    • Does their “Universe” (the Intelligence which does their wish fulfillment for them) only do self-centered requests?
    • Why are there so many excuses (escape clauses) to the Law of Attraction (“You have to really, really want this, without any doubts, or it won’t work.”)?
    • Wouldn’t God, sorry, the Universe, know what you want and just give it to you?
    • Shouldn’t they feel guilty about using God like their personal servant?
    • Are they all being taken by Hicks?
    • If she (Hicks) has a direct line to God, is it right that she charges for it?

I’m not seriously looking for answers to these, (indeed, I once experimented with the LOA) it’s just stuff that floated into my mind. Hell, those questions have popped into my head many times before. Minds are such stupid things, they’re a terrible thing to have.

As dawn broke, my owl hooted nearby. Like sweeping the clutter off a table, I mentally pushed all those damn questions away and got out of bed.

Jumped on the scale and saw that I had lost two pounds during the week. On track and expected. Over the last few months I’ve been playing with different diet methods but all of them just do the “Bounce” (lose weight then gain it back when you go off it). Also spent about a month eating anything I wanted (influenced greatly by food advertising) and the net result of all this experimenting was a gain of 10 pounds – good to know. Losing this week’s weight was pretty much automatic, once I set up my meal set:

  • Breakfast: Beans & Eggs
  • Lunch: Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Brown Rice
  • Dinner: Can of Soup & Big Salad
  • Snacks: Banana, Apple, Raisins, Peanuts, Dark Chocolate Hershey’s Bar.
Date: January 8, 2013 3:40 PM 

The Way of Life App

I gotta say I’m lovin’ this Way of Life app. Works kind of like Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break The Chain” technique by pressuring you to continue sticking with a positive habit.

Green (Good) shows days you stuck to a habit, blue (Neutral) those you intentionally skipped (ie: exercise rest day, free meal day), and red (Bad) on days you didn’t follow through.

So far I’m 100% on all of them (but it’s only been a week).

PS: On the flossing, Gigi, a dentist I briefly dated, once told me that if you only have time for either flossing or brushing, you should floss.

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6 thoughts on “Journal 1/8/13: Thoughts and Habits

  1. “Is everyone in their group selfishly wishing only for stuff for themselves?” I get a lot of emails about ‘spiritual’ things. Many organisations exhort one to “change the world.” But even my temporal ol’ mind says: Change what ? You know better than God ? Moreover it is difficult enough to change oneself, and would that not be the priority – or at least a first step ?
    That said, there is always a positive within a negative: I realised a project I would like to devote myself to would be the extermination of parasites and associated disease. But, says the mind, isn’t that playing God ? Answer: What’s wrong with playing ? The big realisation is this: ‘S/He’ doesn’t mind whether I try to kill off mosquitoes, tsetse flies, jiggers etc, OR NOT. I am FREE. I can do whatever I like. No-one is judging anything or anyone. Neti neti. IT (simply) IS. I am.

  2. Hi Wayne.
    I have really appreciated your videos on youtube. Why did you stop posting them?
    It would be great to get in contact with you via email. The thing is, that I now see the existence the way “you” do. There are not many people to discuss these matters with 🙂 , you know what I mean. For me it happened in an instant and never went away. I have been in this non-state, the original state, since last summer now.
    Amazing and very strange, and not at all strange or amazing. You probably get it. Dont know what to do really, waiting for life to make use of me, and It does of course but not on a large scale. Ha ha 🙂
    I am just this non reactive point in the world through which created stuff vanishes.
    I am almost finished with my studies (master exam) but I cant see any point in doing that which I studied to. I have stopped becoming…
    Dont know anything. Like seeing you talk. Good to see there is someone else out there. Feels good… if I have to use conceptual words. Please get in touch.

  3. I think the law of attraction only kicks into high gear if you go on the “Mediterranean Vortex of Attraction Cruise”.

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