Key West

Sitting On A Bench On The Island of Key West

Sitting On A Bench On The Island of Key West

KEY WEST, FL—I arose early, cleaned up, and drove around the corner to the shore where the walkway abuts the Atlantic Ocean on the south side of Key West.

I made coffee and sat on a bench and watched as the sky changed colors from the Dark to the Light and attempted to take some photos then put the camera away and enjoyed the view as the new day awoke.

Seagulls and pelicans glide silently by, scanning the smooth clear waters below. Ships hover on the horizon and the clouds magically float and glow and transform.

Once a minute or so, a person jogs or bikes or walks by and practically all of them say hi or comment on the morning or the ocean or the sky. It’s a friendly town.

Just now, as I sit in my easy chair typing this post, a man looked in and said, “That’s a nice place to have an office,” and I smiled and agreed. I’ve had worse… much worse.

I look out the window at the calm water and picturesque sky and I know he’s right… it is a nice place to have an office. It’s a nice place just to be.

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4 thoughts on “Key West

  1. When I was in college, there was an architecture teacher who taught in a large indoor amphitheater. This was appropriate for a couple of reasons. He showed a lot BEAUTIFUL slides and his classes overflowed with assorted students who showed up for love of the presentations rather than for credit. (In fact, many of us attended his lectures far more faithfully than our other classes.) His photos were as likely to be of fields of wildflowers or quilts backlit by sunshine as they were of buildings or their elements. I think his name was Arthur Smart. It could have been Arthur Stern. This was a long time ago.

    Anyway, his chief premise was that architectural surroundings tend to induce feelings in the people who spend time in them, and he studied what it was about those surroundings that engendered the effects. He wanted to devote his life to creating expressions of what he called “a nice place to be.”

    I’m glad you’re sensitive to surroundings like that and describe them so well.

  2. Geez Wayne
    Thanks for this full feeling I have inside me now; seeing the splendid sky, filigree on the bench and imagining how content you are in this place you made for yourself to just be.

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