Kicked Out

View From Camp

BLM LAND OUTSIDE SOCORRO, NM—I moved my campsite a couple days ago to a spot, though marked on the maps as BLM land, gave me that feeling like it may not be open to camping. No particular rational reason, just a felt one.

Today a rancher came by and asked what I was doing and I replied that I was writing some software but I don’t think that’s what he meant. He softened though and said I can’t camp here, that he leases the land for ranching and this isn’t a designated BLM campsite. I explained that I thought BLM land was open for everyone, but I didn’t push it (as I didn’t know if leased BLM land was off-limits to campers).

I asked if it was alright to move on tomorrow and he said sure. He shook my hand twice with a smile of relief. I guess he thought I’d give him a hard time since, well, I’ve got kinda that look (at least before I’ve had a chance to speak).

Even though I suspect it’s OK to camp here (I’ve shared campsites with many a cow-with-horns), I’ll move on tomorrow anyway simply because when She whispers, I roll.

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3 thoughts on “Kicked Out

  1. A few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep. Rare. It was that through the Texas earth I was feeling the disorientation of families a hundred miles away, as they drove to escape a blasted and burning community suddenly hit like a war zone shortly after children’s prayers tucked them into bed.

    From my comfy bed my arms encircled them and others whose concepts of safety have displaced from them a quieter world, taken from them at a finish line.

    We’ve met your rancher, Wayne. And may we somehow leave our settled campsites with the same acknowledgment and grace.

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