Life Is This Moment

Dew on the Leaves of a Vine

Dew on the Leaves of a Vine

Hi Wayne, I was doing dishes and a thought came out of the blue. Life is this moment, only this moment. It surprised me and I looked around and thought where did that come from. But I felt different after that realization, more appreciation for life. Could you elaborate on this please. Thanks Dave.

It’s interesting that this insight struck you while washing the dishes, as Zen often uses dish washing as a way of practicing mindfulness—and mindfulness is all about living in the Present.

“Life is this moment.” As I sat with my frog master, as I was wondering why I was going nuts and he wasn’t, it struck me that he wasn’t tormented by the mind. He was just living in the moment (a major advantage of having only a tiny frog brain).

We take our thoughts way too seriously. Indeed, you could say that taking thoughts seriously is the only impediment to enlightenment (what I call the Emptiness Level).

You, nor anyone, can hand me your Past, nor can you reach across the table and hand me your Future. Both Past and Future are only thoughts. They aren’t real.

Past and Future are thoughts that practically everyone takes too seriously.

Simply put, your Past and Future are all in your head.

“Life is this moment.” There is a reason that Tolle stresses the Now. There’s a reason that Zen teaches mindfulness and Buddhists focus on impermanence.

The reason is this: Right Now is all there is. Life is this Moment. The Present is Eternal.

Past and Future are not real. They are just a lot of mental noise.

As She whispered in your ear while you were washing the dishes:

Life is this moment, only this moment.

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3 thoughts on “Life Is This Moment

  1. I’m not “eat up” with knowing the answer to this question … but every now and then I toy with it: if I bring my awareness to the present (where else can it go anyway?) and focus on what is permanent vs. impermanent, what is it that can differentiate and/or bridge the (illusory?) two except memory?

    In other words, if I ask myself which part of the present moment, or of myself, has always remained unchanged, I have to consult memory to compare past experiences with the present one. And the crux of the matter is, how reliable is memory? Maybe I only think my core nature (or whatever) was the same in the past.

    Then some tangential questions are: what is memory? what matters? and who cares? Likely, I just enjoy alternately ruminating this way and then laughing at the ruminations. But I am hoping other kindred spirits have done the same thing and will understand the ruminations.

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