Mental versus Authentic Beliefs

Cable and Clouds

Cable and Clouds

WICKHAM CP, FL—My experience with the dolphins the other day made me realize exactly what beliefs are and their role in inner peace. Before continuing, please take a moment to re-read the “Dolphin Post” and ask yourself why I didn’t cross the street even though my mind argued very rationally for why I should.

For most people, beliefs are theories which they hope are true (even though they can’t prove them).

For the mystic, beliefs are unprovable truths (even though their mind may doubt them).

For most, beliefs are mental ideas.

For mystics, beliefs are deeply felt truths.

So we are really talking about two different things: mental beliefs (lowercase) and Authentic Beliefs (uppercase). One is of the mind, the other is of the heart. One is thought, the other is felt. One is shallow, the other is deep.

Inner peace is felt when you consciously live in harmony with your Authentic (true) Beliefs.

But the reason most people don’t have inner peace, is because they try to live up to their mental beliefs not realizing that these are different from their Authentic Beliefs.

In other words, their actions (which follow the heart) don’t jive with their shallow beliefs (mental theories).

This conflict is seen in many ways:

  • The preacher who sins
  • The atheist who has superstitions
  • The politician who deceives
  • The spouse who cheats

Their mental beliefs (which match their persona) aren’t in synch with their Authentic Beliefs (which match their true nature):

  • The preacher (“I’m not sure God is real.”)
  • The atheist (“Maybe their is some higher force.”)
  • The politician (“I’m really in it for the power.”)
  • The spouse (“Vows aren’t meant to last forever.”)

Here’s the thing, no matter who you are—saint or sinner or something in between—your unedited, unconscious actions follow your Authentic/Inner/True Beliefs.

Standing on that islet, though my mind had serious doubts and a dozen rational reasons, my Authentic Beliefs kept me from crossing the highway.

My Authentic Beliefs said, “She’s real and She’s brought me here for a reason.”

Even though my rational mind didn’t know the reason, my faith (my Authentic Beliefs) ruled my actions to stay put.

And for that faith (She’s real, She brought me here for a reason.), I was soon rewarded.

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2 thoughts on “Mental versus Authentic Beliefs

  1. Wayne, thank you for reminding me/us how important it is to live from the heart (what we know through Her/The Holy Spirit), rather from the mind (what we think through the ego). Relating this to A Course in Miracles, the heart is the home of love, while the mind entertains fear (mistrust, worry, rationalization) – everything that is not love. I experience so much peace when I listen to the heart.
    Thank you for the insightful post.

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