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Wayne—Keep on sucking, because you are the only honest open hearted one of this whole bunch. Love Encompasses All. Dave

An exaggeration, but still pretty funny.

Lots of responses—both comments and emails—from yesterday’s post on why I suck, so thanks for all that.

Then I noticed something else had happened…

Though I’ve only had the ebooks up on Amazon for about a week, I’m already starting to see some sales—not much, but I’m surprised there have been any.

I’ve priced them at the cheapest price Amazon allows, $2.99, and, since they are all short works, that’s probably fair.

Now since She draws me into so many directions (and I doubt that will ever stop), maybe what She’s trying to tell me is that rather than focusing on a Grand Opus (ie: The Path of Mystical Oneness), She wants me to write a bunch of smaller ebooks—MinEbooks if you will—instead. Each one focused on a single subject. Each priced at whatever Amazon’s cheapest price is.

Talking to myself: Lot easier to write a short book. Lot easier to focus. Plus my photography won’t limit the book size (Amazon charges me more for big, photo-laden books and let’s face it, what’s a book from me without photos (well, that would be The Carefree Diet, but that’s the exception that proves the rule)). Hmm…

She works in mysterious ways.

PS: Please DON’T buy either A Simple Explanation for Everything, or The Carefree Diet right now as I will be giving them away over the next two weeks to help inspire reviews.

PPS: And if you haven’t read or reviewed Seeing Clearly yet, it’s still free for a couple more days (see this post). (And Thanks! for those who have.)

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3 thoughts on “MinEbooks

  1. Mini e-books makes perfect sense. Right now a lot of people are strapped for money and time. So this could be the perfect fit for these days and times. My parents used to have a business and during those difficult recessions would always kept them afloat was making sure their prices were lower than anyone else’s. This definitely sounds like a plan. I wish you the best with it.

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