My Death Premonition

PANCHO VILLA SP, NM—It is 8:27am and oddly, I find myself in a hurry to post this, just in case I don’t survive the day. Wouldn’t that be cool? Especially if I got run over out here in the desert by a truck towing a ski boat.

From this morning’s journal entry:

Date: January 19, 2013 7:42 AM 

Death Premonition?

A dream last night: In a large body of water surrounded by a beautiful jungle/forest. On shore, on a hill was a large mansion. My anima and I were in the water. She was being towed in from her “test” behind a ski boat, and I was waiting to be towed out for my “test.”

She was sad because we were going to be separated, but I said, “It’s just temporary. Now go on in there (the mansion) and pick your number and I’ll be along shortly.”

Then my boat started to tow me out to sea for my test, and I was a little concerned for two reasons:

  • I was one of the last to be tested and all the good numbers (that you pick in the mansion) would be taken, and
  • I royally suck at water skiing.

But I was comforted by surrendering and allowing Her (She/God, not my anima) to determine how well I do in my test and by what numbers She’ll provide.

I tried to tell the driver to take it easy, that I sucked at this, but he was busy flirting with a group of women in the boat and didn’t hear me. He started to accelerate and I felt myself being pulled forward.

I looked down at my feet, expecting skis and saw I was wearing diving fins. I awoke with a smile, since diving is second nature to me.

I wonder if the dream was a premonition of my death:

  • The anima, being a subconscious archetype, probably wouldn’t stay with me into the Soul Realm (the Bardo realm, the Mansion). But our separation being “temporary” suggests she’ll rejoin me in the next life.
  • Water (as I understand dream interpretation) represents life.
  • Being one of the last to be tested, there are fewer numbers left to pick from—fewer lives to pick from conducive to my current level of spiritual development.
  • Though I had a strong faith, I still had significant concerns about my odds (meaning I’ll have to come back until my faith is stronger, irrelevant of the odds against me.) This is a recurring pattern of conflict I have between my mind’s logic vs. Her will.

So in case you never hear from me again… So long, have fun, don’t take any of this too seriously, and I’ll see you in the next life. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My Death Premonition

  1. For what it’s worth Wayne (I’m no qualified trick-cyclist, merely another dreamer), consider that only the ego is worried by ‘death’. What you are working on looks like death to the ego. Water can be a symbol of the ‘common unconscious’ (and by extension ‘God’ ?). Dreams like this can, I understand, portend life change, which happens rather more often than physical death. Also the anima is not ‘just an archetype’ but represents the feminine side of your ‘whole’ being, an actual part of you. Smiling as you wake up is a good sign that the adventure continues. Happy to stand corrected by an ‘expert’, but whether I’m right or wrong, RIP 🙂

  2. In Jungian terms, the deep water would be the subconscious or unconscious self. Being towed out to sea with “fins” would imply that you are preparing to dive deep into the unconscious self. While you have to trust your own intuition, I wouldn’t interpret this as a premonition of death but rather preparation for depth work.

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