My Private Forest

My Camp in a Clearing in an Experimental Forest

My Camp in a Clearing in an Experimental Forest

EXPERIMENTAL TREE FARM, LA—After uploading the last post, the air temperature dropped as a cold front moved in and I suddenly felt it was time to move on. I looked over the eastward route I had planned and noticed for the first time that the route abutted a small “state forest” for a few miles and I felt that twinge so I took heed and decided to check it out.

As I pulled in, a sign said it was an experimental tree farm and two guys waved me down and told me it wasn’t open to the public, that it was part of an LSU forestry program, but we got talking about the rig and how I had built it out and was just traveling here and there and I explained I was looking for a place to camp for the night and they were nice guys and they softened and they said they were the only two employees here, so go ahead, the forest is yours.

I’m not able to describe how I (She/We) chose this place or just what the “twinge” is. Not intuition, not a gut feeling, but almost a certainty—a sense of sureness or rightness.

Her whispers are quiet and subtle, but they’re there, and often at the time they mean nothing to me, so they take a measure of faith.

It’s good practice this Radiance and Emptiness functioning through this Soul and Mortal—it’s a little scary, but it’s cool too. Experiences like this act as confirmation that I’m on the right track.

Plus I scored an entire forest all to myself for the night, which is pretty freakin’ awesome.

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