Mystical Oneness: Crazy and Unexplainable

The Owl Abides

The Owl Abides

WICKHAM CP, FL—Finally, in this series on the properties of Mystical Oneness comes the most frustrating part: Trying to share your visions/experiences with others.

From Jenny Wade:

Realness: Mystical states are experienced as insightful beyond the kinds of truth available to discursive intellect. They carry a sense of intrinsic authority.

Ineffability: Words cannot convey the full meaning and subjective impact of the experience.

The Crazy Realness of Mystical Experiences

I suspect most historical Mystics were considered crazy. I suspect the same goes for today’s Mystics.

Let’s face it, when you first came across this blog, you thought I was nuts.

Why? Because I talked about things that most people simply don’t experience: An intimate relationship with the Divine, hearing my own thoughts as if they were voices in my head, constant ongoing synchronicity, ….

But I don’t talk about these things like I believe them, I talk about them just like a crazy man talks about his hallucinations… I talk about them as if they are real.

I don’t act as if these are theories, I—just like a schizophrenic does—act as if these visions/experiences are indisputable.

Conversely though, if you and I were to talk in person about my thoughts on the Divine, you would notice something very different about my attitude than if you were to talk about the existence of God with a religious person: my attitude comes across as if I don’t care if you believe what I say or not.

Why? Because I don’t believeI know.

She’s real to me, just like the sky appears blue to me. She’s real, the sky is blue, and there’s no reason to argue these points (or get emotionally upset about them). You won’t get that attitude from someone who believes—ie: the religious—because I simply don’t have the inner doubts which plague “believers.”

Mystics (until you get to know them) appear crazy because they are absolutely confident that what they experience is real—undeniably real. In this way, they act just as sure of themselves as an insane person is of his hallucinations.

The only difference is that the Mystic’s worldview—in a odd way—makes a certain amount of sense.

The Ineffable

As any Mystic worth his salt will tell you, it’s practically impossible to accurately describe the state of Oneness—of what it is like to live like this.

I’ve often questioned why I blog. I’ve often wondered if it comes across as egotistical and self-centered. But She say write, so I write, and only recently has Her purpose become apparent.

The consistency of my “craziness,” the rational (if unprovable) arguments that I present, and the historical evidence (as recorded in this blog), are simply Her way of trying to convince you of one thing:

What you see isn’t as it appears. You should examine and question your core assumptions. You aren’t the person you think you are.

OK, that was three things—but really they all boil down to this:

Either I’m crazy…

or you are.

She/We/I will leave that for you to decide. 😯


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12 thoughts on “Mystical Oneness: Crazy and Unexplainable

  1. Hiya Wayne,
    Yes. I experience a similar feeling and response. When I share the knowing with other people, the response is similar that of my dog – when he tilts his head to one side, then the other, when I speak to him. Others just seem not to understand this at all most of the time. I laugh inside when I see it.

    I am grateful that your share your words and experiences. It reaffirms/confirms that I am not crazy I (sometime I or others think I am). Keep on writing friend.

    With full support and love from this side of the island ~

  2. Wayne, I love this post because it reveals the Truth of Knowing versus the faith of believing. I had my own spontaneous Awakening at age 27 after enduring 4 years of severe depression and anxiety. I don’t remember hearing Her like you do, but I was guided in knowing what to do without having to think about it. Life flowed effortlessly, with a deep feeling of connection and joy. I’ve recently started to experience something close to that state again, and continue my spiritual practices daily.
    Much love,

    • Yes, the “intimacy” definitely seems to cycle, though in my case it is often in days, not years. Seems to be on where I focus my attention (self-centered vs no-centered).

  3. Interested as I am in the mystic states (natch) I am also fascinated by psychosis. Is there some relation between the two ? Not asking you Wayne, just posing the question.

  4. According to Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross -best known for his writing called Dark Night of the Soul- it’s best to pay no heed to inner locutions. Because we can misinterpret them even if from God, and they might from the “devil”: our subconscious filter or lens distorting perception. He writes that if there is any value in them, our soul will benefit from them anyway, even if we pay no heed to them.

    But he says there is also a Voice of God so powerful that it brings its own virtue with it. If it would say “Love Me”, it will instantaneously cause divine Love in one greater than any one has ever felt before. If one would feel fear, instantaneously the fear is completely gone, replaced by a deep peace. One of those divine touches does more for one than everything one might have done one’s whole life until then.

    He recommends just observing God’s humanity, as all wisdom is in it corporally. I understand that to mean one’s humanity with the understanding that it is God’s human appearance now, and in that sense the appearance of one’s Self in human disguise.

    Here is that text:

    (This subject on hearing voices began in Chapter XVII and continues on the next page after the one the link leads to. The part about contemplating God’s humanity -one’s own- is in Chapter XX of this same book II of Ascent of Mount Carmel.)

    For whom it might concern… ; )

  5. Hey Wayne,
    When I first found your blog I certainly did not think you were nuts. I, like I’m sure many readers, found someone who is able to beautifully explain life in ways similar to how I experience it. I don’t always agree with your specific interpretations but the intention of your expression is continually profound and accurate. I love to see through the diverse expressions people have and understand the common truths they describe. If you’re crazy then I’m crazy too 🙂

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