Mystical Oneness: Divinely Alone

Life on the Leaf

Life on the Leaf

WICKHAM CP, FL—About an hour after uploading the last post, which I thought was the end of this series, I realized there was one(?) more topic I wanted to address. Synchronistically, reader Jordan (via Facebook) asked about this exact topic a few hours later.

Divinely Alone is a very good term for the paradoxical state that the Mystic often finds himself in.

Because no one understands you, because your values are so vastly different, because it is practically impossible to take seriously what brings others ongoing consternation and stress, the feeling of being alone in the world is quite intense.

You feel disconnected from society because there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there who truly gets you. There doesn’t seem to be anyone out there even remotely like you.

Oddly, at the exact same time, the feeling of being divinely connected is likewise just as intense. You feel intimately connected to everything around you, you flow effortlessly with events, and the Divine is ever-present, seen, and felt within everyone and everything.

This divine connection means you never feel alone, that your Lover is with you and a part of you always (I/We/She).

Alone and Connected.

It’s a paradox.

The phrase, “in this world but not of it,” is often used to describe how the sage lives a life of detachment.

In this world but not of it is also a very good description for the feeling of being divinely alone: In this world (divinely connected), but not of it (socially alone).

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6 thoughts on “Mystical Oneness: Divinely Alone

  1. You once experienced a taste of how the notion of “Wayne” had been a delusion all along. Your immediate impulse, alas, was to proclaim yourself “enlightened”, pinning a medal on the very delusion you claimed to have released.

    And so it all grew back out from there. Years of blog postings about all the auspicious things that happen to Wayne, about Wayne’s very special relationship with “Her”, and Wayne helping people grab the same medal. You haven’t lost Wayne. You’ve amplified him. He didn’t just grow back, he’s wildly metastasising.

    “This divine connection means you never feel alone”

    Why would Everything ever feel alone, or need to make some sort of a connection in order to not feel alone, unless Everything was under the delusion that it was merely something?

    If you’re aiming to make or maintain a connection between “me-in-here” and “That-out-there”, then you’ve completely lost track of where You live. You’ve replaced ordinary materialism with spiritual materialism, but it’s the same pointless game playing.

    • Hi Jim. One of the reasons I tend to avoid the enlightenment word is for the exact points you bring up. Enlightenment is a theory to most people, not something lived.

      I blog about the experiences (both inner and outer) that occur in my life.

      If you aren’t just talking theory, if you truly live the enlightened life that you are talking about, I’d love to see your blog or facebook page. Hell, if you know anyone who fits your idea of enlightenment who is as transparent about their life as I am (has a blog/diary/website about their day-to-day life), I’d love to see it.

      Otherwise, you should probably ask yourself, “Is my idea of enlightenment just another belief?”

      It sure was for me.

  2. “I blog about the experiences (both inner and outer) that occur in my life.”

    That’s ingenuous. You’ve positioned yourself as a spiritual teacher, regardless of your latest position with regard to the “E” word.

    I’m not hung up on enlightenment or any other concept. But I do certainly notice the ease with which old habits of duality and separateness can slip back. If one is earnest enough, one will notice. But if there’s a self-image to convey, and products and teachings stemming from that image, stakes are higher. After all, people don’t buy books and stuff from folks who concede having been re-lulled by ego.

    That’s why I have no link to offer you. I’ve declined to concoct a spiritual public image for myself. I see the urge to self-proclaim (and to “teach”) as an expression of ego. Indulging the urge grows it all back with shocking speed. You can’t see how it’s taken over, because you appear to buy into your own spiritual self-image. And I was hoping to helpfully nudge. Ah well.

    One image for you. After living utterly clenched (as we all do for a while), a pinhole opening feels like total freedom. That’s why a wee taste of freedom and silence makes some people go all Jerusalem Syndrome. A whiff of silence feels like lofty permanent elevation.

    When a morbidly obese person loses 5 pounds and finds his pants a little baggy, he’s sensible enough to just keep on with it. He doesn’t immediately go write a health/diet book. And if he gains the weight back, he generally doesn’t resort to denial.

    I don’t understand why spiritual seekers are so much less sensible than dieters. But one thing’s for sure: karmic weight has similar rebound tendency.

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