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WICKHAM CP, FL—I was looking through a couple books that I had been reading just prior to the Illumination and came across Jenny Wade’s description of common “mystically altered states” experienced by the awakened.

First though, don’t expect to just “fall into” these states and never come back. As Wade states:

Noetically distinct states are at first attained for only a split second and under special circumstances, but gradually, the ability to access them comes under volitional control…

and eventually become integrated into day-to-day life. So don’t sweat it if you drop into these states, but can’t retain them. More stable states will come with time and practice.

She breaks these “mystical states” down into a few distinct qualities, so I’ll present them one at a time in this and future posts.

First up, Ecstatic Unity

Ecstatic unity with no separation between subject and object, self and other, inner and outer. This state is suffused with bliss, love, and joy.

My Experience: Your boundaries disappear and suddenly everything feels at once outside of you, inside of you, and as you.

Without self boundaries, you become paradoxically absolutely nothing (no ‘you’), while at the exact same time absolutely everything (no boundaries = no separation).

Just like you love yourself, you love everything in your perception (everything you physically experience) because it is felt as you. This is a beautiful state and what I call the Emptiness Level.

Here’s a practice I posted a few years back to help you experience this multiple-perspectives-at-once viewpoint.

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