Mystical Oneness: Flowing No-Self



WICKHAM CP, FL—Mystical Oneness can be thought of as a state of flowing in Life. Unlike the various levels where the Self feels like a permanent fixture (a “Me”), Mystical Oneness is the integration of all the levels and thus the me/Self is a constantly flowing, dynamic thing.

She/We/I don’t reside at any level. I/She/We are constantly flowing among the levels, acting through them as the situation calls for—acting in accordance to Her whispers.

No pronoun (I or We or She) can aptly describe this duplex no-me thing. Calling myself I/We/She sounds both clunky and silly, so naturally I say “I” but the experience of this I is nothing like it used to be not long ago.

Being back in Florida, my mother is often concerned about all the effort I put into helping her out, but from my perspective, in helping I’m simply operating from the Emptiness level—Love and Light operating without any self-interest (see Removing Yourself from the Equation).

When I’m writing code, I’m operating from the Mortal level—making money to keep this physical thing alive.

When I’m walking through a grocery store or the mall or the woods (or standing in a casino), I’m operating from the Radiant level, shining a Light out into this world (while still residing in the world as the portal).

Most people, to use a term I picked up from the nomad Randy, have a “default setting.” They may temporarily experience a higher (or lower) spiritual state, but they typically fall back to their default setting. The mystic in Oneness no longer has a default setting. She/They/He is in a constant state of flux—a state that is a direct reflection of whatever Life calls for… a flowing no-self.


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6 thoughts on “Mystical Oneness: Flowing No-Self

  1. Yes – your new default setting is “IN the moment”. And PS – Mom’s going to break your camera when she sees this shot 😉

  2. Spot On !!! …and as a code writer, Wayne, I am sure you will
    sense an ethereal new language to describe the vast knowledge that
    is presenting itself at these moments in time, is just “around the
    corner. ( =
    p.s. I think your “Mom’s” picture is strikingly beautiful.
    Breathtakingly honest. Thanks for sharing.

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