Mystical Oneness: Intimacy with the Divine

Mysterious Sky

Mysterious Sky

WICKHAM CP, FL—Probably the most surprising quality of Mystical Oneness is the awakening of the Divine within.

When this happens, it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not (I didn’t). When ongoing synchronistic events start happening over and over and over—when odds-defying “coincidences” start happening everyday—then the only reasonable explanation a rational person can make is that there must be an all-knowing, all-powerful intelligence operating behind the scenes.

Just like the magical traits were a complete surprise to me, so too was my realization that there had to be a God (and I was very resistant to this idea).

But once I came to terms with this mind-boggling realization, once I relaxed into it, She became an intimate part of—and an active participant in—my life (as long-time readers of this blog are fully aware of).

But this God realization/awakening of the Divine within isn’t anything unusual, indeed, it should be expected of any awakened person since history is filled with people possessing this duplex personality.

Not only does She fill your life with the magical (see previous post), but She fills your interior life also. Just like I hear/experience my thoughts as other (thoughts that come from my brain, not “me”), my mind is often injected with powerful insights that have the distinct impression that they came from Her/God/the Divine. Often She’ll even impel me to say or do something that comes as a complete surprise.

There is a “you” and there is a “Her” and there is the Unity of them both and—as odd as it sounds—this She/We/I doesn’t seem in the least bit paradoxical. It feels quite natural.

As Jenny Wade states in listing qualities of what she calls the Transcendent Level:

Paradoxicality: Awareness of the unity of opposites is not incompatible with a world where perception is determined by dualism (the implicate and explicate orders).

Sense of the numinous: The oneness of all phenomena is perceived as sacredness—Cosmic Unity.

A little dry for my tastes, but that is what I mean by: The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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4 thoughts on “Mystical Oneness: Intimacy with the Divine

  1. hi all,

    As always with your post, an enjoyable read.

    It’s been mentioned in recent post that she is inside your head.

    When thoughts arise in the brain, do you perceive/experience them as you and her together or do you feel a distinct difference between the spark which made the mind/brain produce the thought?


  2. I encountered your post just after completing my poem of the day. The two writings seem synchronous and I feel prompted to share:


    Most people I know
    are Superglued to their beliefs.
    I’d rather set mine free
    to drift downstream, paper boats.

    “Where are the others like me?”
    I wondered aloud yesterday
    to no entity in particular …
    “Where is my family?”

    I happened to be walking “alone”
    on a paved country road.
    Some utility company, I noticed,
    had spray-painted cryptic guidelines
    at its edge—along with the
    single word “LOCATE.”

    My answer came, as a knowing,
    in that one moment.

    [“one” should be italicized, but I don’t know how to accomplish that.]

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