Mystical Oneness: Magical Traits

Portrait of a Young Sandhill Crane

Portrait of a Young Sandhill Crane

WICKHAM CP, FL—About an hour after I uploaded the last post, She told me—even though it was ridiculously hot and humid outside—to go out and shoot some pictures.

So I did.

A nice curved wooden fence caught my eye and as I was moving around it waiting for the composition to pop, I noticed three sandhill cranes in the field across from me. With only a 50mm lens on my camera, they were too far away to get any serious shots of them, so I turned back to the fence.

A few minutes later, I looked up and was surprised to see them right next to me—completely comfortable with my presence. Though I didn’t try, the one shown above was so close that I could have reached out and petted his head. Even as I turned to take some photos, my movements didn’t startle them in the least. They simply didn’t see me as a threat—indeed, they seemed almost curious.

From Jenny Wade:

People at the Transcendent stage seem not merely to imagine a holonomic world, but to exist in it at some level… Their unusual powers demonstrate a capacity to operate outside normal Newtonian spatiotemporal limits.

In other words, Mystical Oneness/Enlightenment/Illumination isn’t just a mental thought process—not just some deep insight—but has a physical component to it as well.

For myself, these “magical” traits arose in the forms of constant ongoing synchronistic events, profound psychic intuitions (Her whispers), and positive, intimate interactions with animals: the cranes above, this deer, this boar, these three owls, these forest birds, and let’s not forget my Frog Master (and his one-year-later re-appearance).

But my traits are in no way unique. As Wade points out, the awakening of unusual powers (“clairaudience, seeing through solid objects, telekinesis, out-of-body-experiences, precognition…”) is common for individuals at this level of psychological development. (I emphasis the awakening of these powers as opposed to being born with them since it indicates a growth process versus an innate gift). Indeed, new “magical” traits seem to be an indicator of this level of consciousness. For example, St. Francis also exhibited the “animal magnetism” trait.

How are these abilities possible?

The answer is both simple and profound: At a deep level, all things are One Thing and it is an aspect of the mind which, when believing ourselves to be separate, causes the One Thing to make us separate.

On the other hand, when you believe yourself to be nothing/Everything—when the separation is seen through (not just understood, but lived) then the One Thing and you (She/We/I) merge back together and many of the “less separate” creatures of the world (cranes and deer and boars and owls and birds and frogs—and yes, even some people) stop seeing you as a danger/predator/human… and much more like themselves.

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