Nissan NV Stealth Camper: Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

WICKHAM CP, FL—Above is the tentative floor plan for the van. This is just one of about five different variations but they’re all pretty similar.

About a year ago I mentioned to Glenn that when I do my own van conversion, I’m going to try to use all store bought furniture. Besides being terribly lazy, I wanted the van to be an example that you can outfit a comfortable, portable, home without a lot of carpentry skills.

I had originally thought to use a futon for a bed, but the folded size still seemed too big, so building the bed from scratch seemed my only option, but building a bed from scratch was really bothering me… and being bothered by something is the exact opposite of flowing. Building a bed from scratch was too much like trying.

Then yesterday, as I was researching bed building, I suddenly found my body getting up, closing the laptop and leaving the coffee shop, with me not really sure where it was going. This odd behavior had that same strange confident-but-not-in-control-of-my-actions quality as that night of gambling in the Albuquerque casino.

A few minutes later, I found myself at a Target, and a few minutes after that I was buying these two small dressers which would be perfect for the “legs” of one side of my bed (the other side will simply be attached to the wall of the van).

Testing out the Floor Plan

Testing out the Floor Plan

After that, everything else just fell into place and I’ve been amazed (and grateful) at how effortlessly things have been fitting (at least on paper).

Note: I still have to figure out the rear corner on the driver’s side. The refrigerator docs say that it requires six inches around the sides for ventilation and while there’s a decent gap between the wall and the windows, I’m not sure it’ll be enough. Last resort I can place it under the bed (but lose some valuable storage space).

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5 thoughts on “Nissan NV Stealth Camper: Floor Plan

  1. So fun Wayne. I love all these practical problem solvers that flow through you. It’s so happy making for me to watch you delight in this project. And thanks for including the picture. Worth, well, you know , a thousand words.

  2. Hi Wayne, thank you for sharing! And your books sound fascinating! Looking forward to reading them. 🙂
    From a fellow curious being and philosopher 🙂
    All the best, Tamara

  3. Do you ever wander into the Catskills of NY? 50th anniversary of Woodstock this year… Bethel NY has some wonderful energy! And the beauty here is really fantastic!

  4. I saw a link to this post on cheap rv living. I’m at the stage you were at…trying to figure out the bed, then the rest will fall into place. I love your thinking…it feels too much like trying. I am definitely feeling that. I have a huge faith that God will work out the details and logistics of this lifestyle I’m embarking on, but taking this first step is confounding me, causing me to doubt the decision because of the work involved. I have a Toyota Sienna minivan I’m going to live in and figuring out where to put the bed is HARD! I also know nothing about construction, but from what I read, I think I can construct the bed. Any words of sage advice?!

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