Nissan NV Stealth Camper: Puzzle Pieces

Center Console & Front Seat Removed

Center Console & Front Seat Removed

WICKHAM CP, FL—Today I got a lot of things started, if not exactly done:

  • I removed the center console to make it easier to move from the driver’s seat to the back of the van.
  • I removed the passenger seat with the hope of turning it around and making it a recliner. At first I didn’t think it could be done and was going to install an easy chair, but after looking at it again, it turns out it can be reversed (you have to unscrew eight, somewhat hidden nuts to disconnect/reverse the seat from the main frame). So I’ll use it that way for the Fall Version to determine if I really need an easy chair or not.
  • I’m testing the new Whynter refrigerator that I received yesterday. So far it looks like this one is working properly. Tomorrow morning, if the temperatures are maintaining properly, I’ll wire it in.
  • I installed a low, $20 Walmart table that will function as the stand for the refrigerator and provide access to the latches and added circulation for the compressor vents. The table “miraculously” fits as perfectly as a jigsaw piece in the space provided.

    Cheap Table. Perfect Fit... Ignore the gouges in the insulation to the right. It was a perfect fit, not an easy one.

    Cheap Table. Perfect Fit… Ignore the gouges in the insulation to the right. It was a perfect fit, not an easy one.

  • I secured the propane and water jugs into the cabinets from the back side of the van. Turns out they fit perfectly too.
  • I tried to get my Coleman stove to work with a large propane tank, but it isn’t. To debug the problem, I’ll try a standard one lb tank (what they are designed for) and possibly a shorter hose.

I had originally thought to use an induction cook top like Glen Morissette of, but my existing 1500 watt inverter (in my trailer) wouldn’t run it since the inverter cook tops require a pure-sine wave inverter (which are much more expensive). I figured it wasn’t worth the extra cost since I would still need propane to run a heater (therefore no space savings), so a cheap camp stove seemed the way to go. Of course that’s all dependent on the camp stove actually working. 🙂

Back of Van. Everything fitting in perfectly.

Back of Van. Everything fitting in perfectly.

I’ll admit as launch day approaches I often find myself doubting the sanity of this venture. There’s a lot to gain, but a lot that’ll have to be given up.

Still, “letting go” is pretty much the credo of the true Mystic, which is, of course: The less there is of me, the more there is of Her.

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3 thoughts on “Nissan NV Stealth Camper: Puzzle Pieces

  1. Just gotta say I am love love lovin’ watching you personalize your Van. It is very stimulating to me because it shows us a dimension of you that is so very practical. A mystic teacher of mine always said that you can recognize spirituality in a person by the practicality he/ she expresses.

    Those who just speak “spirituality” may not be able to actually function in this world experience.

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