No Connection, Only Connection


Date: January 23, 2013 9:04 AM 

No Connection, Only Connection

My MiFi card wasn’t connecting, so I went for a walk after breakfast. I crested a hill and the low morning sun lit up a barbed wire fence. Off in the distance, the dust plume of a car, speeding down a dirt road, rose gracefully in the air as the driver hurried to his destination.

I’d catch my mind, filled with concern for my parents and sister back in FL, and I let all that noise go, having decided—with Mom’s consul yesterday—to hold off on returning to FL to “fix” things.

As the thoughts faded, I’d open my heart and share this world with Her, opening to allow Her to see all Her Beauty. We’d hear our footsteps and feel the connection of this body with the Earth and smile as a bevy of quail rushed through the underbrush. We listened to the sound of our breathing as we climbed a rise and, on approaching the end of the path, watched as a column of fence posts came into alignment then shifted apart as our perspective changed.

We reached the main road and walked down the center line and up the hill, back to camp. I let Her go then and stepped through the door, sat down at this laptop and wrote these words.

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