Now I Know Why

PANCHO VILLA SP, NM—Well, I know why She sent me here. Right across the street from the park is a little auto repair place run by these two Mexican guys. Since I’ve decided to hold off on the van idea until I get a little more savings built up and a good head start on the book(s), I figured it was a good time to get the brakes done on my truck.

Total cost to have both brake rotors replaced, new bearing, new brake pads, and an oil change: $250—at least half what I’d pay in a non-border town.

I also had a pair of computer glasses made up in Mexico. Again, about half what I’d pay in a non-border town: $75 out the door.

So I figured by Her sending me down here, I saved at least $350, probably more.

She works in mysterious ways. The trick is to learn how to hear Her whispers—and the hardest part—how to listen to them.

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6 thoughts on “Now I Know Why

  1. Wayne:

    I’m increasingly enjoying your posts, and I regularly click any new state park designator to see where you are. Having lived in Silver City for four months, the idea of spending most of my time in a van or small RV in New Mexico really appeals to me (I’m currently in a rented apartment in mid-coastal California, without insufficient income to sustain myself here indefinitely — perhaps because I’ve never learned how to listen to her).

    I moused over the italics in your final sentence to be sure they weren’t links; perhaps a preview of future post(s)?

  2. re: listening to Her
    it’s as if you stumbled upon the perfect solution at the perfect time and place
    and didn’t know until later that’stumble’ was when you were listening.

  3. I love getting up in the morning and reading your posts. Your photo rocks on fire was in a dream of mine, that picture was so striking. Thank-you

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