Paying and Charging

The Light Above the Dark Path

The Light Above the Dark Path

STONE FORT SP, TN—For the first time, I’m actually paying for a campsite in Serenity. The last couple of days have been overcast and I wanted to test charging up the battery banks via a battery charger.

I’m just using a standard car battery charger, so I don’t expect it to top up the battery bank like the solar charger does (which has custom settings designed to handle deep cycle AGM batteries). Still, it seems to be working OK (though my inverter occasionally freaks out (too high a charge???)). My main concerns were heat build up either at the plug or at the battery connections, but there’s none.

It’s easy to forget—while van dwelling—that you can go anywhere an RV can, that it’s OK to stay in campgrounds. That the purpose of this lifestyle is freedom and enjoyment, not just cheap sleeps. The mind is a funny thing, how it gets focused on a single subject or quality and “forgets” to see the big picture.

It’s nice here. Quiet, serene, and empty.

I’ll have to do this more often.

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3 thoughts on “Paying and Charging

  1. I like your comment, “It’s nice here. Quiet, serene, and empty.” Paints a perfect picture of tranquility. Beautiful photo, too.

    • Once again, I am pleased. For a guy who doesn’t claim to be an RV “how to” guru, you can cut right to the heart of a matter with a fresh, common-sensical perspective — one that others overlook, perhaps because they are drowning in minutiae.

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