Radiance and Beyond

The Light Through The Clouds

The Light Through The Clouds

WICKHAM CP, FL—A follow up to the previous post.

Michelle is firmly established in the Radiant Level. Her sense of self (her identity) is but a thin outline of her former self.

Her focus is on the Light (the movement of God) through her, and on the surrender of control (trying, winning, making things happen).

Really, at this point all she needs to do to experience the Emptiness Level is to get a good ‘grip’ on that thin outline of her false self (I experience this as a mental ‘contraction’ and see it as a portal through which the Light flows) and drop it away. By ‘grip,’ I mean to see the portal/personal self as ‘other’ (not ‘me’) and visualize grasping it and pulling it out of the Light so that nothing remains but the Light shining out of and into Itself.

At that point (Emptiness), there is no ‘Michelle’ (sense of a personal self) and only God/Light moving through the Michelle-body-thing.

Once the ability to slide back and forth between Radiance and Emptiness is relatively effortless (the personal self is seen through yet even Emptiness/Enlightenment isn’t clung to), then integration of all the previous levels will allow the Michelle/Her-thing to function in the world: Mystical Oneness.

Important Note: Unlike the traditional “all-or-nothing” approach where the student jumps directly from the Mortal level to the Emptiness level (what they call ‘Enlightenment’), the student of the path of Mystical Oneness (Mortal to Soul to Radiance to Emptiness) needn’t be concerned when she slips out of Emptiness (as is to be expected) because she naturally slips back to Radiance since her conditioning has been firmly established there. From Radiance, it is quite easy (once Emptiness has been experienced) to slide back and forth between Emptiness and Radiance.

The “all-or-nothing” student—who has had no experience with the “softer” levels (Soul and Radiance) slips all the way back to the Mortal level from which they came. This results in the relatively common satori experience—a glimpse of Emptiness—but sadly and all too often, no ability to return to it. ‘Enlightenment’ for the all-or-nothing student becomes a matter of (odds-defying) luck.

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  1. I like how you match photos with content and I often find your captions very poetic. Mainly, I like your entire website and why you do it. It’s like a road map for a pathless path.

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