Radiant Michelle

Fallen Flower

Fallen Flower

WICKHAM CP, FL—I have been working with Michelle for about two years now (she’s my only student), and because her sense of self has weakened so dramatically, She/God is starting to awaken within her.

In other words, the miracles are starting to happen.

This is big for a number of reasons:

  • For myself, it confirms that a step-by-step approach (Mortal-Soul-Radiance-Emptiness-Oneness) can be shared, learned, and “transmitted” to others. Having never attempted this, it is validation of what I could previously only have hoped was possible.
  • The increase in synchronistic events is a powerful indicator that Michelle’s sense of self is weakening. While not getting attached to the “miracles” is critical, the increase in these events acts as a sort of feedback on the spiritual seeker’s progress (the fading of identity). The less there is of Michelle, the more there is of God.
  • Michelle is gaining confidence in surrender. Seeing first-hand how she directly benefits when she surrenders control, makes surrendering far less scary. It strengthens her belief in the wisdom of surrender.
  • Michelle is learning how to hear the whispers of God (something I suspect each person will hear differently)*, and at the same time is gaining the confidence to trust in those whispers.

The next post will have more details of Radiance (where Michelle is operating from) and the steps beyond (Emptiness and Oneness).

*Note: I wrote the draft of this post a few days ago but, synchronistically, this morning I received a note from Michelle on how she hears Her/God’s whispers (Michelle wasn’t aware I was writing this post):

I have kept experimenting with little things and see that there are many different layers to intuition, which helps me to see where I have gone wrong in trusting my “intuition” in the past, which was really a deeper impression of my hopes or fears about situations. When I really check into the deepest source, there is an undeniability and a totally different quality, but it definitely involves a deeper level of listening, and not just listening to the impressions of my hopes and fears.

I want to emphasize a very important point Michelle has realized and why surrender is so critical to the spiritual aspirant’s progress: Her/God’s whispers lie below (are quieter than) your personal hopes and fears (“there is an undeniability and a totally different quality, but it definitely involves a deeper level of listening“). This is distinctly different from the Law of Attraction, wish fulfillment, Wiccan spells, most prayers, etc.. It’s not about getting what you want, it’s about surrendering and doing what She wants.

God doesn’t wake up in self-centered individuals.

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  1. I have come to place my trust ONLY in the quietest parts of my awareness. Everything that desires to be heard or seen is not trustworthy.

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