PERCHA DAM SP, NM—I’ve practically decided not to pursue the Chinook, though I still waiver as it seems like a good deal and it is in my price range and they are pretty rare (dammit). Ask me again in an hour. Fellow nomad Boonie posted an alternate viewpoint on downsizing after an exchange of emails.

I’ve spent the last two days working on getting Fading Toward Enlightenment formatted for Amazon. Still some quirks, but I’ll figure them out, I’m pretty good with computers.

Putting the book together (again) was kind of like reading an old diary, plus each photo took me back to the locations where I shot them and all the memories surrounding them. Very pleasant. Tiring work, but pleasant.

The above photo—the last in the book—is of my friend Monica. She says she hates that photo, but I think she’s lying.

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  1. Might Her whisper have been for you to look at Craigslist on that particular day, in that particular search? Stop analyzing.

    “Feel the force.”

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