Removing Yourself From The Equation

Wood and Steel

Wood and Steel

WICKHAM CP, FL—Solitude is best for inner spiritual work: Meditation, inquiry, Shadow work. Social settings, on the other hand, are excellent for external spiritual work… in applying your spiritual practice to the real world.

With Michelle (working to transcend an established Radiant level), I recently advised her—since she was back in the States visiting friends and family—to remove herself from the equation when around others.

In Radiance, you identify with the portal which pure Light/Love shines through. The portal is your vehicle (using the terminology from my prior post). By “removing yourself from the equation” you drop your self-centeredness (the portal) and are left with nothing but Love/Light shining outward.

So at the Radiant level, to remove yourself from the equation is to drop all attachment to your own self-interests.

This practice of “removing yourself” reveals quite starkly how often your conditioned self-interests arise.

To remove yourself from the equation needn’t be restricted to the Radiant level though. It can be applied to any of the levels. It is simply a method for “trying out” the next spiritual step up from where you currently reside. Sort of like test-driving an upgraded spiritual state:

  • Mortal: In social situations, act as a Soul by not taking all this temporary drama so seriously.
  • Soul: In social situations, act as a portal through which Love and Light shines.
  • Radiance: Remove the portal and be what is left—a selfless being of Love and Light.
  • Emptiness: Let go of even the Light. To use a spiritual cliche: Just be.

While doing these social (outer) practices, watch for the conditioned reactions that arise from the lower levels and use them as indicators to help uncover areas that need more work during your inner spiritual practices (meditation, inquiry, Shadow work).

By alternating between the outer practices (which reveal problem areas), and the inner cleansing practices (which heal/transcend them), your evolution will progress from the typical hit-or-miss methods common today, to direct, rapid, and focused spiritual growth.

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6 thoughts on “Removing Yourself From The Equation

  1. All I can say is wow. Removing myself is what I have been slowly doing this my whole life. Or at least the last 20 years. In sadness and pain. But now there is a correct way to do this. Please write more on this! !!

    • Carey, you absolutely do not need to let go of the Light.

      Some people—and ironically this is largely ego-based—want to “get to the end” of their spiritual journey which is what most people call “enlightenment” (I call it Oneness or Mystical Oneness) and that entails dropping all identification, even the identification with the Light.

      Personally, I find Radiance the most pleasant and pleasurable level which still allows a small sense of self (vehicle) to allow one to function in this world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with stopping right there and enjoying Life through the eyes of Radiance.

  2. I guess I view the Light as God, so that would be the goal for me. But I think I see what you’re saying because the self holds the emotions in regards to the Light, so if I let go of that….

    It seems a bit contradictory to A Course In Miracles, which I study but I do see your point. I’ll marinate on this 🙂

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