Seeing Souls

Looking To The Sky

LEASBURG DAM SP, NM—Before you wake up, when practicing Radiance, you visualize yourself as a shell or open portal with Light shining out of you, radiating through you (either from behind or from your core). The shell/portal feels like you.

After awakening, when you slide into Radiance, a reversal automatically occurs and the Light now feels like “you” and the shell/portal feels like a contraction/hardening of the mind… as something other than you.

Radiance practice is typically used to help you recognize the separation between the personal self and your true essence, but you can also use Radiance practice to help decondition your old, habitual, mental ideas about others and learn to see others as the Light.

From my journal…

Date: February 1, 2013 4:39 PM 

Seeing Souls

Trying to remember to practice looking past the hard exterior of people (the “shell” in Radiance practice) and to see their Soul/Light/Love within.

When I visualize others as these hard masks covering the Light of their soul, then my conditioned judgments seem to naturally weaken.

Everyone is filled with Love (love of themselves, love of their family, love of money, power, possessions, security, etc.), but it is easy to miss this when that Love is bent by their mind and fears—and it is this “bending” of the Love that forms the hard “person shell” or mask.

Of course the real problem is my own mind taking the other person’s mask too seriously, but that’s the point of focusing on their inner being (the Love/Light/Soul within) and not their hard persona.

Deconditioning my old mental habits.

Practice, practice, practice.

Edit for readers: About a month after my illumination, I had a powerful dream of a mask, though I didn’t have a clear understanding of it at the time.

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  1. “…my mind taking the other person’s mask to seriously…” always gets me in trouble and is a condition that I, and probably the rest of mankind (illumed and non-illumed), continually struggle with. Great insight Wayne !!

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