The Sensual Feel of Awakening

Flying High

My response to a question on why everything feels so much better post-awakening:

Hi Phillip,

I don’t know if your last sentence is rhetorical or not, but I’ll take it as a legitimate question.

Why do the simple and everyday things feel so much better after awakening? (That’s a very good question btw.)

Imagine a clear glass of cool water. Now dump some black and red pepper into it and drink it.

Pre-awakening is like drinking the water with pepper in it. It is spicy and “noisy” and cloudy. But it is still water.

Post-awakening is like drinking the water without the pepper. It tastes pure and clean and “natural.”

Post-awakening, the mind is quieter. The Self is no longer opaque and clouded with thoughts and assumptions and identity.

To me, it feels like I am a Vast Openness and everything I perceive is inside of me—while at the exact same time as if I am looking out into the Vastness from within this silly insignificant body. I am both the water, and the drinker of the water.

This purity—with this connection—makes everything feel intimate (one and separate), much like making love (not like simple sexual gratification though). It is the separate-but-one connection that makes all experiences feel so sensuous.

As I’ve said, I don’t know if your question was rhetorical or not, but that’s my take on it.

Be well.

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