Setting a Bad Example

CITY OF ROCKS SP, NM—Recently (December 22), I was asked for advice about living true. She was concerned about being a bad example for others when, as a devote spiritual practitioner, she would slip and get caught up in the world. She knew she was missing something and revealed, “some part of my logic must be faulty.”

Since I feel this subject is pertinent to my recent posts about transparency, I’ve posted my reply below.

My Reply

Do this either as a physical or thought experiment: Be Bad.

Seriously. Imagine (or do) exactly the opposite of what you feel is healthy and spiritual. What kind of example would you make then? Probably an excellent one for hedonism and excess, but probably a horrible one for spiritual values.

I’ve had dozens of spiritual teachers—people who make a living counseling others—contact me for advice on feeling more authentic. They preach perfection, but their lives don’t reflect it and they constantly feel they have to “hide” their human side from their clients.

I give them the same challenge I’ll give you: Find someone who preaches and lives perfection who is completely transparent about their personal life. Not a dead person, but someone alive right now.

So far, no one has found that mythical perfect person.

Forget about perfection. I act from the Mortal Level all the time in both thoughts and actions. Mystical Oneness is about integration, about all the different levels flowing together. Ideally they flow in harmony, but that isn’t always the case. Many times, one of the lower levels SHOUTS and subdues the other levels. So what? Not taking it all so seriously is part of the practice.

Your assumption, one made by millions of others, is that it is possible to be perfect, to live in a perfect state of bliss, all the time.

Let go of that.

Forget demonstrating or teaching an ideal, and instead live your practice—your spirituality. In other words, make the living it the focus rather than the teaching it (something I too, often, have to remind myself).

I’d say about 99% of the people I meet know nothing of what I “teach,” but most everyone I meet seems to feel there is “something different” about me. I’m not trying to teach them what I know, I’m just opening/surrendering to the Light (living the practice).

And when I do “slip” and take something too seriously when dealing with others? I usually step back and say something like, “Sorry, I got caught up in this crap. Where were we?”

Hope this helps.

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3 thoughts on “Setting a Bad Example

  1. I’ve long since given up living to a moral code. Moment to moment I am either attempting to remember myself or to stay in touch with what I am feeling.

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