Shadow Beliefs

Two Doors both Dark and Light

Two Doors both Dark and Light

WICKHAM CP, FL—A follow up to the last post:

No matter who you are—saint or sinner or something in between—your unedited, unconscious actions follow your Authentic/Inner/True Beliefs.

Spiritual Compass: If your actions don’t harmonize with your morals or philosophy, then you don’t truly believe those thoughts. What you truly believe (your Authentic Beliefs) are the truths that your actions are pointing to.

Self-monitoring actions that don’t harmonize with your beliefs can be a powerful Shadow tool: “If I truly believed I’m a Soul, then why aren’t I living like one?

Dig out those shadow (but Authentic) beliefs. In the above example, “I don’t really believe I’m a Soul” is your shadow (but Authentic) belief. Dig those suckers out so you can examine them clearly (even if it is painful).

This simple exercise will help loosen the grip and influence that your shadow beliefs have over you.

Now you’ve got a spiritual compass to help refine your beliefs and point to a course of action: “Hmm, I need to do some serious research on the Soul. Is it real or not?

For myself, to truly believe something, I need evidence. I’m not talking proof, but enough convincing evidence that the theory embeds itself and becomes an Authentic conscious belief.

Three of my Authentic beliefs and why I believe them:

  • Soul: Lots of evidence. I find the accounts verified by third parties particularly powerful.
  • She/God: To me, daily, ongoing synchronistic events have no other viable explanation except for an all knowing, all powerful Intelligence (She/God). It’s certainly not proof, but the reality of ongoing synchronicity is enough to have deeply embedded this belief.
  • God Within: I didn’t even know there was a term for this until I came across Richard Bucke’s definition: The duplex personality. Seeing how common this was among authentic mystics validated this belief (the union of God and Man) and—with this new found certainty—made Her whispers all the easier to hear.

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2 thoughts on “Shadow Beliefs

  1. Dear Wayne, I love your posts.. Just saw your website and posts…again…I saw it first and then I forgot your name…tried so much to get back to your website with so many luck.Just now I found you again.

    I am searching for 30+ years at 50. I am watching my thoughts.. practicing observation..moments of silence..nothing more. no experience at all 🙁

    Feeling so sad..just tears..
    (sadness and tears are also observed!)

    I checked with an advanced friend of mine..who told me to “be receptive and alert”..He told me to just watch..I tried it for the last three weeks or improvement.

    Do you have any advice for me ? You are so lucky to have your eyes opened..

    In spite of my practice, I still got caught up in situations..I feel so bad afterwards..I feel that my spiritual practice is not helping all.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Welcome to the blog Vj. I’m not a big fan of just meditation—too hit or miss.

      See the Resources link at the top of this site. Live as a Soul and see if it doesn’t start to stir things up.

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